Ever Since New York

"I've been praying, I never did before.... Understand I'm talking to the walls... And I've been praying ever since New York."


5. Dinner with the Parents

Our tour had ended and now nothing was the same. I had locked myself in my room. A knock sounded at the door. I could hear Louis’ voice on the other side. The boys wanted to go out tonight. I wasn’t in the mood to celebrate. “You can’t stay locked in their forever Harry.” said Louis. He was right. I couldn’t.

I let out a sigh and eventually opened the door, only to tell him that I’ll join he and the lads for a drink. Louis knew I didn’t look as excited to go out. Though, they knew I needed some fresh air. Liam had come back from his run and went to go take a shower. Louis’ phone rang and went down the hallway to answer it.

Niall and I were sitting on the couch watching the telly. From time to time, he would laugh because someone had sent him a funny Snapchat video. There was nothing interesting to watch. We’ve seen every show, every movie, and listened to the same old stuff about the government. I didn’t want to get in to politics all that much.

I did everything I could to pass the time. Though, nothing was working with helping to ease my mind about her. Vanessa. She had never told me the full story about why she and her boyfriend had broken up. It was none of my business to know about that sort of thing. They had broken up before we met anyways, so what’s the point.

Everybody deals with a falling out at some point. The guys and I got ready, and then we headed out to the nearest pub. We entered and sat down in a booth. We ordered our drinks, only to talk about our plans for the following week. While it was nice to have the guys over every once in a while, I wish I was spending my Saturday night with Vanessa.

The guys knew I was distracted. I was trying my best to have fun, but it seemed to them that I was failing. I couldn’t pretend anymore to hide my sadness. Seeing her was the one thing that I wanted. I had to go back to New York, somehow. She was the one person that mattered to me most in the world.

I stood up and walked out of the pub. I called her mobile phone and waited until she picked up. She didn’t. I wanted to hear her voice again. I wanted to be able to talk with her about her day. It had gone straight to voicemail, which was as close as I could get to hearing her voice. I left her a message and hung up.

I headed back inside and sat down with the lads. “Harry, you know as well as we do that distance isn’t going to work.” said Louis. He was right. Though, he had no idea how I was feeling inside. I took a drink and managed to get through the rest of the night before heading home.

Every day started to become a routine. I had received no calls from her. The guys and I had a few writing sessions with some of the others. It was nice to write again, but I could not stop thinking about her. I decided to book a flight to New York. It was a spontaneous trip, but I didn't care. I had to see her.

As soon as the plane had landed at the JFK airport, I took a taxi to her apartment. I was able to get in through the door as soon as someone had exited the building. I went up to her floor and knocked on the door when I arrived. I waited to hear a shuffle of feet on the other side the door.

The door opened. “Harry?” Vanessa was surprised to see me. She definitely had been doing some cleaning in her apartment. “Why are you here?” I told her that I had flown out to New York to see her. Sure it was a spontaneous decision, but I had to see her.

“Is…Are you busy?” I asked her.

“Yeah, I’m cleaning. Do you want to come in?”

I nodded, seeing her step aside. I entered her apartment and closed the door behind her. I asked if she was expecting any company. She said that she was having her parents over for dinner. I apologized to her and said that I should’ve called. “No, stay. They didn’t… I haven’t told them I broke up with my ex yet. They also didn’t meet him either.” said she.

“So, I’m doing this as a favor to you?” I asked with a smile. She smiled and nodded. “I wouldn’t mind pretending to be your boyfriend while your parents are visiting.” I had helped her set up the extra room for her parents. I have never done this before, but I was surely in for an interesting evening.

We cleaned the rest of her apartment together, and then we got started on making dinner. "Where did you learn how to cook?" The two of us were making lasagna for dinner and having cheesecake for dessert. I suggested to help her with the cheesecake.

I told her that I had learned how to cook from my mom. "Momma's boy, huh?" She asked jokingly. I chuckled, knowing full well that she was teasing me. Soon enough in the midst of all our cooking, there was a knock at the door. She asked me to finish layering the lasagna. 

I nodded while she had walked out of the kitchen to answer the door. I heard a couple of voices, which I assumed were her parents. "Mom, dad, this is my boyfriend from college." Vanessa entered the room with her parents. "His name is Harry."

"Pleasure to meet you." I held out my hand to both of them after washing my hands clean. Her dad reached out his hand to shake mine. Her mom had done the same. Vanessa introduced her parents to me. Their names were John and Cindy. "Honey, you're making dinner?" asked Cindy.

"We could've gone out." said her dad.

"I wanted to make something for you guys. It was the least I could do while you guys were visiting." said Vanessa. "Come sit. We're just about ready to put the lasagna in the oven." I had just finished layering the lasagna and put it into the oven that she had pre-heated. Vanessa set the timer and went into the living room to join her parents. I followed behind and sat down beside her on the couch. "Where are you from Harry?" John asked.

. . .

Her parents had finally retreated to the extra room, leaving Vanessa and I to do the dishes. We stacked the dirty dishes into the dishwasher to run. The two of us went into Vanessa's room and closed the door. "You really flew all this way to see me?" She asked, taking a seat on her bed.

"I did miss you Vanessa." I reached up and touched her cheek. She smiled and told me that she missed me as well. I kissed her lips before lying her down onto her bed. I kissed her neck and ran my hands over her breast. She let out a soft, quiet moan. Neither of us were planning to wake up her parents any time soon.

I let my hand run down the side of her body and between her legs. She breathed out my name, which turned me on. The two of us undressed and shared the entire night full of passion. The next morning, I awoke with her lying next to me in my arms. I could hear her parents' voices softly chatting.

Quietly, I managed to get out bed without stirring her awake and got dressed. I ran my hand a few times through my hair before exiting the room. "She still asleep?" asked John. I told them that she was and walked into the kitchen. Cindy had brewed a pot of coffee, which I had poured a cup for myself.

"Our daughter seems to really like you." said Cindy. I smiled and told her that I really like their daughter too. Her parents and I were in mid-conversation when the door to Vanessa's room opened. She walked and sat down on my lap before asking her parents when they were leaving.

John replied they had booked a flight to leave around lunch. We all had gone out for breakfast before dropping her parents off at the airport, and then Vanessa drove us back to her place, which she thanked me for everything. "I would do anything for you love." I smiled and kissed her lips.

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