Ever Since New York

"I've been praying, I never did before.... Understand I'm talking to the walls... And I've been praying ever since New York."


4. After Concert Surprise

The show that night was a successful one. We did have a couple days left before we headed off to the next stop on tour. The guys and I went back to the hotel. We had our turns taking a shower and heading off to bed, except I couldn’t sleep.

I stayed awake in bed, thinking about the kiss that had happened a few hours earlier. In just a few days, Vanessa and I weren’t going to see each other. It wasn’t until three in the morning that I had finally fallen asleep. The next day had just happened in a blur.

We went out for breakfast, rehearsed our setlist, ate lunch, sat down to talk with the press, and then went to the stadium for our main show. A knock sounded at the door. We were in the dressing room getting ready for the big show.

Neither of us were expecting anyone to show up around this time, except for some of our family. “Who is it?” Louis called out. The door opened. It was our manager who came in to tell us that someone was here to see me. The guys and I exchanged glances with one another. They wanted to see me?

I nodded and followed him out of the room. It was then I saw her—Vanessa. She was here? How did she get past the security? She smiled when she saw me, and I couldn’t help but smile back.  “What are you doing here?” I asked before reaching out to give her a hug. She returned the hug. It was a tight hug. Something was wrong. I wanted to ask her.

I don’t think she would want to open up to me just yet. She told me that she wanted to see me one last time before I left New York. A smoothed her hair down while hugging her. I didn’t want to leave either. “Stay with me on your last night Harry. Please.” She whispered into my ear.

I pulled away and saw the sadness in her eyes. I nodded and whispered to her I will. She smiled softly and said she had to go. I begged her to stay to watch the show. It didn’t take much to persuade her to do so. She nodded. Our manager offered her a place to watch from the front row seating, so she was near the stage. 

The guys and I performed our show. When we were done, Vanessa was waiting for us in the room to congratulate how well we did. “Coming with to celebrate?” asked Liam. I told them that I was going to hang out with Vanessa. We went our separate ways.

I had gone with Vanessa back to her apartment. I noticed that the entire place was a mess, which she was frantically apologizing for as she was moving stuff out of the way. “Are you moving?” I asked. She walked into the kitchen and got out two glasses. She gave each of us a glass of water, which I thanked her for.

She said that her roommate was and was coming back to pick up the rest of their stuff. I wanted to ask her about why she was sad earlier. Though, I felt that my need to press with further questioning into her personal life wasn’t my business. “Have you always lived here alone?” The two of us sat down on her couch to talk.

“My roommate… He was my ex-boyfriend. He had a place here and offered me to stay with him. I stayed with him for two years, and then, he just came home last night from a business trip. The two of us broke up a week ago. I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want you to be worried about me. Also, we just met.” said she.

“So, that kiss at the park?”

“I wanted to because… I’m started to like you Harry. I know you and your friends are on tour. Then you’ll be off to the UK after the end of your tour. I wish I had gotten to know you more. You seem like a really sweet guy.” In the short time since meeting her, I was starting to like her as well. Screw this. I kissed her lips. It was no surprise that she kissed me back.

I started to undress her. She did the same for me. The next morning, I woke up to find the two of us on the floor. Somehow the coffee table had been moved out of the way. I felt her stir beside me. I glanced over and saw her beautiful eyes. She smiled at me and kissed my lips. “Tonight’s your last night in New York.” said she. She got up and grabbed the blanket from the couch. She wrapped it around her body and got up.

I got up and started to change into my clothes.  She walked into the kitchen and started to brew a pot of coffee. I followed her inside and stood behind her. I placed my hands on her waist and planted kisses along her neck. “I want to spend my last day with you love.” She turned and faced me while gazing into my eyes with hers. She smiled and kissed my lips. Hm, guess she liked the idea as much as I did.

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