the night i found the love of my life

this is just a little short that i chose to wrote


1. The Wonderful Night i Watched The Video That Started It All

And their she was,just sitting alone at her desk staring at her desktop looking for something to watch on you-tube,she came across a video from markipler it was new it was a video called "Don't laugh challenge number 4" i clicked it because it looked funny,so it started watching the video and mark started speaking all of a sudden he introduced someone new,his name was Ethan,he had blue hair and stood about 5'6 he sounded so sweet and calm in this start.but i watched more of the video and it couldn't help but laugh,i finished the video and read the description below to see if Ethan had a you-tube and sure enough he did,i clicked the link to his channel called "crankgamesplays" and i started to watch video after  video,one night i was up late and around 11 pm he did a live stream of just him chatting with his viewers and  of course i was gonna be there watching it so i started watching it and of course i asked a few questions but he didn't see them because the chat was going to fast but i didn't mind,eventually i just sat there and played sims as he spoke,hearing his voice calmed me down so much and it made me happy,i love hearing him speak,well i stopped playing the sims to watch more of the live stream well it was coming to an end like everything does and there was a link in the chat from Ethan i clicked it,it was a video of him singing and playing the ukulele,That my friends was the moment i fell in love with Ethan,i know it sounds crazy and i know that i don't really know much about him,would i like too? of course i would,would i also like to meet him,yeah i really would but would i be able to? no never in my life but honestly thats OK because i know in my heart that he cares not just about me but about each one of his fans and that makes me happy,i don't  know why i wrote this honestly maybe i hope Ethan will someday see this or maybe i just wanna get things off my chest but all i can say is im glad i wrote this and im glad i found Ethans  channel because without it my life would be boring and bland and dismal (yay big words!) but im glad  



XOXO-Jazmyn Ramirez 

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