Haneul chul

This book is full of flash fiction stories that I'm going revolve my books around, they are a look into what you will be seeing, I hope to get peoples feedback so I know to start the stories or not.


2. Haneul-iu Chul



Thump, thump, thump. I could feel my heartbeat throughout every drop of blood escaping from my veins. Screams pierced my brain like knives scraping across my skin. My heart was sinking into the Earth. I thought to myself; “This is it”, everything I have left is pouring out of me. My strength was gone and all I could feel was pain. I knew it then, I was going to die there. But I wasn’t scared of dying, I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to save them. My friends, that would soon end up like me. Only a few feet away, they were kneeling in front of me crying. They yelled out my name nonstop until I dropped to the floor. Then all I could hear was their tears falling hard into the grass.  But I couldn't do a thing. I just laid there, centered in the field, thought to be dead. Not a breath would release itself from my lungs. But all I could think about was my friends, so loved by me, as if they were my own brother and sister. I watched as they were being dragged away like I had been. A strong flow of anger melted over me. I couldn't bare the thought of them being in pain. Then I realized my pain didn’t matter, all that mattered was that I was alive and that with every last heartbeat I had, I would use it to fight for my friends and get them back.


All of a sudden I started to feel nothing, the pain was gone. I rose from the ground as if I'd been reborn. I shouted; “I'm not weak anymore”. I caught the attention of the ones who were carelessly dragging my friends away like animals. I looked them all dead in the eyes and told myself," I won't let them stop me, I won't let them hurt the people I love”.  I picked up two men, one in each hand, and threw them across the field. I didn’t question my strength anymore, because I knew it was there. Everyone started charging at me with swords and blades, but for some reason I was sure of it; they were the ones that should be scared, not me. In only a couple of minutes thirty men laid scattered across the ground injured by my determination. Now they were the ones on the ground screaming in pain. I felt relieved that I had saved my friends from the grip of my enemies, but it wasn’t over yet, soon they would be back. “Wook, Nari, come here, we must leave!” I called out to my friends that sat in shock in the dirt and grass. They had wide eyes and tears, but they got up and ran to me unafraid. “Let’s go”, I grabbed their hands and we ran fast into whatever was waiting for us next.


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