Death. War. Destruction. The world of the future lies in ruins. I got the chance to go back and stop it from ever happening, only to discover that I was the cause. This is how I destroyed the world.


48. Step 3: ? ? ?

Always be yourself… unless you suck ~ Joss Whedon


"There is always more to it than meets the eye."

- Caleb Harris – optician and political activist. (August 18th, 3006)


"Are you sure we can just leave him there?"

I'd made my way back to Marsha's car with her. She'd parked a little way from where she'd found me and hidden it behind the trees expertly. There was even a weavile waiting within that seemed ready to gut me until Marsha told it otherwise.

We'd left Crazy Ivan - as we'd come to calling him – back where we'd found him, still attached to the tree that killed him.

Marsha shrugged and kicked her car into gear. "Should be. I've left Ryan back near him, so if anyone comes nearby, she should be able to scare them off."

"Ryan?" I looked at her, then back out of the car and drummed my fingers against the window glass. "That's the frosslass, right?" I glanced out of the mirror and tried my best to see the distance behind us. "And your jynx is going to teleport with Gemini once we've arrived."

Marsha threw me a confused look. I shrugged to myself. "I like to go over plans. That way I remember them. Easier to recall it from memory than have to rely on paper."

"If you say so." She slammed the brakes down hard and spun round a bend, leaving my stomach somewhere outside the car. I groaned a little, opened my window and leant my head out into the fresh air.

"My contact's in Mount Pyre," she said as she overtook someone to get onto a motorway. "It's gonna be a four, five hour drive there. Jack will be fine with your girafarig; she'll probably have teleported them both there already and just start investigating everything there."

"And two psychics randomly appearing by themselves won't freak people out?"

She shrugged. "Sure it will. But it's still pretty common. Mount Pyre's a place of memorial. Loads of trainers set up gravestones there for pokémon they never had a chance to bury. Even those that they did are memorialised there; it's easier to go to one place to remember them all, rather than travelling everywhere just to visit where you buried them."

Her words brought my memories back to my pokémon. I tried to ignore my thoughts, but they kept reminding me how pointless Xander's death had been. I played out little scenarios in my mind, changing little things and seeing what could have been.

I finally just smacked my head to banish the thoughts. Marsha shot me a glance but said nothing about it. Instead she just leant back in her seat and carried on driving one-handed. "So can you drive? It'll be an easier trip if we do half each."

I shook my head. "Never learnt." Never really had the opportunity. Most cars were long dead by the time we'd come across them. If they had any life in them at all, we usually drained the batteries to fuel everything back at camp. We didn't see the need in using vehicles when we had pokémon trained for transport and carrying heavy loads.

"How comes?" she asked me. "I mean, Hoenn's legal age for driving is sixteen, same as Unova and Kanto. It's only Johto, Sevii and Sinnoh where it's bumped up to eighteen."

I grasped for the first excuse I found. "Never really had the money."

"I'm not surprised," she said. "Most trainers don't know how to drive. A few have their parents teach them when they've come back from a journey. Most countries scatter their tournaments anyway, so if you've finished one, you usually only have a month until another country is hosting theirs. Not enough time to register."

"Who taught you to drive then?" She swerved around a lorry barrelling down the motorway and flipped the driver off as she zoomed ahead. "Was it a maniac?"

"Course not." She laughed and glanced quickly at the lorry behind us. "Part of my training. Driving, weapons, self-defence. Enough to make sure I can get from place to place and look after myself." She threw me a quick grin. "I'm even certified to drive a tank. I can fly a private plane too, but I don't really like that. I'm too nervous about piloting something that's up in the air. With a car, if I lose control, I can gain it back and hopefully not injure myself too much. A plane? Something goes wrong in that and I end up dropping to the ground at a million miles an hour? I'm going to run from that pilot seat, grab a parachute and launch myself out of there."

I smirked to myself. "You don't like flying then?"

"If I'm piloting, then hell no! I don't mind it otherwise." She slammed down on her horn and cursed at someone that cut across the lanes in front of us. "I don't like the thought of having to fiddle around with a load of controls whilst I'm plummeting to my doom. It's way too slow and would take too long to finally die. I've been shot before; I'd welcome that to losing control of a plane every time."

The phantom pain of my own bullet wounds flared into existence. "You'd honestly go through that again? Once was more than enough for me. Three times was way beyond what I ever signed up for."

Her head snapped round to me instantly. "You've been shot three times?" She shook her head at my nod and focused again on the road. "That's insane. I've only really been shot once. Every other time I've had my vest on. Still, three times? That's insane. Just how old are you anyway? Warren's thing said he was nineteen, so you've got to be somewhere around that."

"Seventeen," I said. "Not eighteen for a few months yet."

"And you've been shot three times?" She shook her head. "That's insane. When I was your age, I was just starting my exams to get my current job. Eleven years later and I've been shot only double the amount of times as you."

"You're twenty-eight?" I glanced her over and the age didn't seem right in my head. "But… you don't…"

"I know, I don't look my age." She grinned at me quickly. "It's a blessing sometimes. Other times, bit annoying. I mean, there's only so many times I can put up with teenage boys asking me out before it just tends to weather on my nerves. Luckily, most of the time, I don't have to worry about anything like that, but working as Candice exposed me to the general public. I don't know whether to hope that it's because they thought I was Candice, or that they actually find me attractive."

She sighed to herself, reached into a pocket and lit herself a cigarette, all the while still somehow managing to keep her eyes firmly on the road. "But I can't really complain. Those things are inconsequential in the face of other things. Like my hair. I really like my hair before I took this job. It was nice and blonde – I'd finally gotten it into a style I really liked. Then I took this and had to keep dying it black every so often, just to make sure my roots didn't come through. And of course, afterwards, I had to just cut almost all of it off, because have you ever tried to get black dye out of your hair? It's next to impossible."

I grunted to myself and stared out of the window, unsure of what to say. Marsha didn't seem to mind my silence; in fact she took it as an opportunity to keep talking.

"I miss being blonde," she moaned. "I miss a lot of things actually. Like being able to wear dresses. You can't really chase after people in a big, long, flowing dress. I miss deep-fried cream cakes. They don't do them here, only in Unova. I miss my girlfriend too."

I turned slightly at that and caught the smirk on Marsha's face. She laughed to herself and flicked a bit of ash out the window. "Funny that; you only seem to pay attention when I mention that."

"I was listening," I said. "I just didn't know what I could say to any of it." She snorted, unconvinced at my words. I shrugged to myself and stared back out the window. "So who is she then? It isn't Maylene, is it? Those rumours had to come from somewhere, right?"

She laughed. "No, it's not her. Maylene's a good friend… or well, she was to Candice. It was difficult around her, because she knew Candice so well. But you know what the media's like; one drunken kiss and suddenly they think that you're gonna be getting married sometime soon.

"But no, my girl's not involved with pokémon. She works in the police, back in Unova." Marsha smiled to herself and started to tap her fingers against the steering wheel. "As much as I do love my job, sometimes I do wish it didn't mean I had to be away so much. She's pretty high up in the police, so she understands that sometimes I need to disappear of the radar."

I nodded, if only to myself. Finally I managed to ask the one question that had been bugging me for a while, "So how comes you're telling me all this?"

Marsha gave a small shrug. "Why not? This past year, I haven't really spoken to anyone that knows me, save for my pokémon. And maybe my bosses, but that's usually a quick report on everything that's going on. It feels good to finally be able to talk about things that are going on in my life. Besides-" She turned to me and flashed a fanged smile, "I'm not an idiot. That destiny bond my frosslass created between us?" She waved a hand between us as she spoke. "It's still there. You do anything to me, you feel it too."

"Oh," I said. I wasn't that surprised. Idly, I started to wonder if there was a way I could get rid of it, just in case Marsha stabbed me in the back first.

"And well, I've got other insurances too." She waved to the back of the car. "Look at the back seat and count to three."

I felt an eyebrow rise in curiosity. She gave me a quick grin and a nod of the head. I spun around in my seat to stare aimlessly at the backseats in the car and started to count to three.

I hit two and a knife sprang out of the seats. I leapt back, hit the windscreen and glared daggers at Marsha as she laughed at me. Both backseats had spring-loaded knives slowly retreating behind the seats until they were hidden once again.

"That…" I breathed heavily, searching my mind for words. "That… was pretty awesome."

She grinned. "Isn't it? There's one in your seat too, just so you know. I find people are more cooperative when they know I can have them killed at any moment. Not that I don't trust you… actually, it is pretty much that I don't trust you."

I found myself subtly trying to find a whole in my chair where a knife might spring out of. "I can't blame you," I said. "Though I do want your car."

She laughed and winked at me. "Perks of the job. Maybe after all of this, start working with the Hoenn government? You might get something equally as fun. I've only used it once though… it's kinda messy. I needed a new car afterwards."

She threw on the brakes as another car overtook us suddenly. She cursed the air blue at the driver and swore once more as she saw traffic building up in the distance. "You've got to be shitting me," she said, rubbing her temples with a hand. "What the hell's happened now? I knew it would be quicker to just fly there."

She pulled to a stop and swore at everyone she could think of. Finally she stuck her head out of the sunroof to try and see what was going on.

"You're having a laugh," she said and slammed a fist down on the roof of the car. "What sort of idiot starts having a damned pokémon battle on a freaking motorway?"

I stuck my head out of my window and followed her gaze. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. A few car's distance in front of us a few people had pulled over and between them was a large orange dragon and an equally large blue dragon roaring at each other, breathing flames across the road and each other.

"Morons!" Marsha shouted at them. "This is damn well illegal! Move your stupid idiot selves off this damn motorway or I'm going to run you over!"

One of them shouted back something I couldn't quite make out. Whatever it was, it seemed to piss Marsha off even more. "Right, fuck this," she said and leapt out of the car. I scrambled out of the window and followed her to the roof as she took a poké ball from her pocket. "They want a fight? I'll damn well wipe them both out and throw them and their cars off this motorway!"

When she threw out her poké ball, I was expecting something like her big yeti to come out.

Instead it was a massive black and blue scaled dragon. Its hands looked like heads with pink petals sprouting from their necks. It took in a deep breath and roared loudly enough to shatter a few windows on some cars.

"Sort these morons out," Marsha told it. It roared and took off into the sky, overturning an abandoned car. The trainers and their pokémon turned around just in time to be bathed in green flames. Marsha's pokémon hissed at them all, picked up both dragons in its head-like hands and casually tossed them both off the motorway. It flew back, slapped the trainers with its thick tail and sent them flying after their pokémon.

I found myself sitting atop the car roof, mouth agape at the massive black dragon. Marsha returned it and bowed to the applause of a few motorists before they took off down the road once more.

She winked at me as she climbed back into the car and waited for me to follow suit.

"What… what the hell was that?" I asked when my voice finally returned.

"His name is Felix," she told me. "He's a hydregion. They're native to Unova and pretty temperamental."

"Oh," I said stupidly. "So did he kill those people and their pokémon?"

"Nah." She smiled and shook her head. "Just threw the pokémon at the ground below – they're tough enough to shake off the hit. Their trainers were aimed at their pokémon, so those dragons will catch their masters. If not, I'm sure there's a lake down there that'll break their fall.

"Anyway, we better motor." She grinned and slipped the car into gear before we well and truly rocketed down the motorway. "Those pokémon are still alive and probably wanting payback on Felix. So it'd be in our best interests to get out of there before they come hunting. Someone else has probably reported those idiots to the police, so they'll be equipped enough to deal with a pissed off charizard and salamence."

"And what does that entail? A few tasers, guns and maybe a pokémon or two?"

She laughed. "In your imagination, maybe. But the police are gonna have strong pokémon for such occasions. Granted they usually gang up to take down a pokémon, just to be on the safe side. Guns, well, they can work on pokémon, but it's not a good idea to shoot an already enraged dragon. Actually, it's just generally not a good idea to shoot a dragon, full stop. "

"So how exactly do you think your boss is going to react when he finds out you used your pokémon to throw a few people from a motorway?"

She shrugged and checked her mirror, just to see if they had started to follow us. "Can't say. Probably just laugh and tell me that I did everyone a favour. Or suspend me for two weeks. It could go either way."

"So, everyone in Unova's crazy? Good to know." I watched everything blur past outside and tried to read the signs for how far away we were. "So who's this contact of yours?"

"You'll see."

Mount Pyre was a weird place. I could see it looming in the distance even before we boarded the ferry that would take us there. It made little sense to me to have something like a place of memorial so far away from anything, but Marsha told me it helped to stop vandalism. Apparently the Pokémon Tower in Kanto had been that abused by vandals that it eventually got turned into a radio tower instead.

Fog loomed all around the mountain. Even from a distance I could hear the vulpix and mightyena atop the peaks howling and adding to the feel. The roar of a houndoom shattered any eerie feeling there was and made it just plain haunting.

"We should hurry this up," Marsha said. "I don't really like this place. It creeps me out. And there's also the problem of my contact not really liking being seen out in the open."

I folded my arms and gave her an unconvinced look. "So he comes to a place where people gather, to avoid seeing people?"

"He's at the top," she said, pointing to the peak of the mountain. "There's a couple of little old ladies there that guard some sort of memorial for orbs that are meant to control the power of The Kyogre and Groudon. They generally don't really care what goes on in the outside world, as long as everything for them remains the same. And besides, people come here to mourn. They're not going to suddenly turn around and be all 'Oh wow, you're him! Can I have your autograph?' And if they did, then they're a bit weird."

As soon as the ferry docked she motioned for me to follow her. We made our way through the main entrance of what appeared to be an indoor graveyard, complete with eerie fog, just like the outside. A few ghosts were floating about, cackling harmlessly above everyone else.

"This way," Marsha said and led me through one of the side passages. We ended up back outside, with the smell of fresh grass and mildew floating around, mixing in with all the creep sounds of the area. "Watch your step," she warned me as she started wading through the grass. "Pokémon live out here. You don't want to step on a vulpix or a bellsprout. It won't be pretty."

I remembered the victreebel from my time and shuddered. I called Scar out of his ball and let him make a way through the grass for me to follow. A few pokémon came up to him, inquisitively trying to sniff him or take a look, whereas the braver and possibly stupider pokémon tried to battle him. For the most part, he ignored them, only dealing with the stronger ones, or chasing away the weaker ones with little streams of fire.

The pokémon avoided Marsha and her yeti though. She told me it was an abomasnow, native to Sinnoh and very tempermental. If anything came too close to Marsha, her pokémon roared at them with enough ferocity to scare even the ghosts.

It took nearly an hour to reach the top. Once we had, the fog had thickened even more and breathing was incredibly difficult. There were a few chimecho and shuppet floating around, crying in the thick fog and making it seem like something from a horror film. Despite the thick fog, Marsha seemed to know where she was going perfectly. Scar and I followed behind her, using the silhouette of her pokémon as a guide.

Finally we reached our destination and found familiar figures waiting for us.

[That took you long enough. Next time you leave me, at least leave me in the company of someone interesting.]

I smiled to myself and saw the jynx reporting back to her trainer. Gemini stood in front of me, face flat and her ears pressed against the side of her head. "What's wrong?"

Her tail snapped in the direction of Marsha. [I do not trust the woman. She lies as habit. Even now she is deciding on the best way to eliminate us, should she need to.]

I blinked, shocked only by my lack of surprise at her words. The memory of the knife-laden seats in her car was still fresh in my mind. Marsha saw me looking at her and gave me a confused shrug. I waved it off and turned back to my pokémon. "So you're saying we should ditch her?"

[No.] Gemini's tail drooped and swayed uneasily behind her back. [She is the best hope we have for finding The Celebi, at the moment. We should use her, but be ready, in case she betrays us.]

I smirked and folded my arms. "So basically, the same way we treat each other?"

[Precisely. Though being able to read your mind, albeit with difficulty, I would still know the instant you decided on betraying me.]

"Unless you do that to me, I don't plan on it." It was true. I didn't fully trust the girafarig – a part of me knew that her appearance was too good to be true. Yet I played along, just in case she was honest. It was also the reason why I treated her so much better than my pokémon – the vain hope that if she thought of me as a friend, she'd think twice about betraying me.

Though really, was I one to judge?

There was a shadow that moved in the fog. We all tensed up until Marsha took a step closer and signalled that it was safe. She even recalled her jynx to prove the point.

"It's alright, you can come out," she said to the shadow. Slowly the silhouette took the form of a man possibly just a little older than me. He was rather nondescript in every aspect, save for his dyed green hair. What looked like an oxygen tank was strapped to his back and ended with a scuba mask of sorts over his face. He took a deep breath of the gasses inside and pulled off the mask, flashing Marsha a small smile as he switched his gear off.

"Good to see you," he said in a weak voice. It was somewhat breathless, though otherwise seemed perfectly fine. He caught sight of me and instantly his hands flew to the poké balls on his belt. "Who are you?"

"He's okay," Marsha said quickly, her hands up as she moved between us. "He's with me. We're working on something."

The guy gave me a distrusting look but nodded and Marsha regardless. He gave her a once-over and a little smile came to his face. "You don't suit black hair."

She stuttered a laugh as her hands jumped up to cover her hair. "Don't remind me. It should only be a few months until my hair's long enough that I can cut the black out. You alright?"

He shrugged and glanced over his shoulder. "Things have been quiet. There's still little whispers every so often about something or another, but it's always turned out to be nothing more than rumours. She stays around Sootopolis a lot these days, around the Origin cave there. He's usually around the Sky Pillar. Aside from a few trainers going in there every so often, nothing big's been happening."

Marsha nodded, folded her arms and glanced up at him. "But there's obviously something, given what you said?"

He nodded and paced on the spot. Finally he walked a little further into the fog and seemed to be staring out into the veiled distance. "There's…" He trailed off and stared at me, still not convinced.

"He's alright, you can trust him," Marsha said. "I've already told him that if he tries anything, he'll be dead."

His eyes narrowed on me, his jaw set in a fine line. Finally he sighed and turned back round to us. "Fine." He looked over at me. "You know what happened with The Rayquaza a few years back, right?"

My mind was a blank at first. Then suddenly I remembered the gym leader from Sandstream and what he'd said to me. "It appeared about four years ago to quell a fight between The Kyogre and Groudon, right?"

"Yeah." He nodded and paced on the spot again. "There were two teams behind that; The Aquas and The Magmas. Eco-terrorists that almost destroyed the world. They were defeated, but even now there's still little whispers of a resurgence, people taking over their ideals, or something like that.

"Wallace, the big coordinator-slash-ex-gym leader-slash-coordinator-slash-world champion often looks into the Origin Cluster with Steven Stone. The gym leader in Lilycove, Melissa I think her name is? Anyway, she or some of her trusted trainers scope out the old Aqua hideout near Lilycove from time to time. It's underwater, so there's usually not too many problems there."

He looked away from me and stared at Marsha. "But the old Magma one's raised a few eyebrows. Flannery said that one of her trainers went in there the other day to check things out. Apparently he said it looked like people had been trying to use the place for some reason. It's only ringing alarm bells because he also found a little… well, a big pile of corpses."

"You think Magma's up to their old plans?" Marsha asked.

The man shook his head. "I don't know. It could be nothing more than a serial killer. Maybe just an angry pokémon is using it for its nest. But Flannery went back with the trainer. Apparently they found a load of Magma paraphernalia and plans for Sinnoh."

"What's in Sinnoh?" I found myself asking. "Unless they're planning a big attack because they think Sinnoh's behind that lab-explosion-thing."

Guilt was prickling that back of my neck as I spoke about it. The shame and despair I felt at the time threatened to leap back up, full force. I could feel Gemini in the back of my mind, silently questioning me. I had to ignore it all and focus on pretending to be ignorant to what had truly happened.

"That's one possibility," the man said. "But another is one of Sinnoh's mythical pokémon. The Heatran, said to be able to create volcanoes. Or cause them to erupt, I'm not too certain on the details. Point is, if people think they can use it to create new landmasses or something, it could be a repeat of four years ago."

Marsha nodded quickly. "And you can't investigate this because?"

He turned around and looked out to the distance again, staring at somewhere near Sootopolis. "We're meeting up again. Wallace said there's been things going on in the Origin Cluster. It might be nothing, it might be something big. We agreed we'd team up and go check things out. Melissa's going to have some people check over things here, Juan's going to take over checking things in Sootopolis and Phoebe said she'll cover the Sky Pillar.

"I know you're technically from Unova and don't need to get involved in this, but I trust you on this. You've helped us out a lot in the past."

She laughed and dropped her head, even as she shook it. "You sure know how to lay on the pressure, don't you? Alright, I'll do it, but I'm still going to need what I came here for."

His face lit up a little. "Thanks," he said and produced a poké ball from his pocket. "I owe you for this."

"Damn right you do." She took the ball with a laugh and tossed it casually between her hands. "I might need to call this favour in pretty soon though. How long you going to be in the Cluster for?"

He shrugged. "I don't know. I'll let you know when I'm out though."

"Alright." Marsha nodded and gave him a small smile. "Don't be a stranger."

He gave her a quick grin, me a curt nod and then placed his mask back on his face and left into the fog pretty quickly. As we made our way back down the mountain, and once I was certain he was out of earshot, I poked Marsha's arm. "Who was that?"

She raised an eyebrow. "You didn't recognise him?" As I shook my head she sighed to herself. "I thought you were from Hoenn? That was Wally Wallowitz. You know everything that happened with The Rayquaza a few years back? Well he helped out. Him, May Maple – the gym leader Norman's daughter – and Brendan Birch – son of Professor Birch. They were all about fifteen then. They'd travelled round most of Hoenn together for some time and were all trainers from the age of ten. When everything with the legends went crazy, the gym leaders and Elites here tried to sort things out, as did the ones from Sinnoh and Kanto. While all of them were busy battling the armies of pokémon Magma and Aqua owned, in addition to trying to defeat The Groudon and Kyogre, those three had somehow managed to get ahold of the ruby, sapphire and emerald orbs.

"Dunno much about them, but they're able to well, not control those titans, but make them see sense, or something like that. Those three used those orbs and calmed down the legends long enough for Rayquaza to get its act together and sort the other two out. Then they just made their getaway pretty quickly, leaving Magma and Aqua with unfinished goals, defeated pokémon and a veritable army of pokémon, trainers and more surrounding them. And that's your history lesson for today," she said as she lit up a cigarette. "Seriously, you should know all of this already."

I guess being born in the future impedes learning about current history.

I shrugged to myself and slid my hands into my pockets. "So what's up with him then? The mask and everything. He sick?"

She grunted as she nodded. "Cystic fibrosis. He'll die young and his lungs are pretty screwed over, but using that respirator he leads a pretty much normal life. A lot of people in the media claim it's only asthma, but I've never seen anyone with that who requires a respirator. His parents even had to send him to live with his aunt and uncle for a little while, just because they lived so much closer to the place he was getting treatment from."

"You sure know a lot about this, don't you?"

She threw me a smirk as her yeti lumbered alongside her. "He's my cousin, of course I'm going to. Technically second cousin, but still." She stopped suddenly, almost making Gemini and I smack into her. Scar stood off to the side, giving us both a smug look. "And I've just realised the problem with all of this. I need to be in two places at once. I've got the lead with our dead guy to check out, but I've also got to investigate the old Magma base."

I held my hand out. "Give me the dusknoir then, I'll check out Crazy Ivan."

"I don't think so," she said as she drew her thumb lazily across the ball. "She won't listen to you. Worst case scenario, she might just attack you. I've got to use her for this. Can you do me a really big favour?"

"No." I glared at her and motioned for the poké ball once more. "I only care about finding out about our celebi problem. How do I know this isn't all some elaborate trap to leave me to die in some weird ex-terrorist hideout?"

"It's not. Look, we're working together, right? Well I'm willing to trust you to investigate the hideout if you're willing to trust me to check out Crazy Ivan." She sighed and tossed the poké ball up and down. "Both of these things need investigating. A pile of corpses isn't exactly something that can be ignored. If you don't help me out on this, then you'll just have to figure out your own way to do things. Because let's face it, after I've found out what I need to with Crazy Ivan, his body is getting sent to my bosses for investigation. I also have Ryan watching over the body. If she sees you return without me, she'll assume you've hurt me and kill you on the spot."

I felt my glare slowly subsiding as logic threatened to win. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to learn more about Crazy Ivan, even if I couldn't find out directly. I didn't have a dusknoir I could use – I really doubted Adryan would be happy to see me, much less so if I just wanted to borrow a pokémon. She presented it like I was doing her a favour when really, I was trapped and had no choice.

"Fine." I sighed and glared at her one more, just for effect. "I'll check out the Magma base thing. But why are they going to trust me?"

"I'll give you my spare badge," Marsha said. "Or not really my spare, more my one for non-employed personnel who are helping me out. But spare is a lot easier to say."

"Whatever." I recalled Scar and trudged on ahead, leaving them to trail behind me. At the time, I thought having to investigate it would be nothing more than a waste of my time.

Though there was no way I could have ever guessed at what I found in there.

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