Death. War. Destruction. The world of the future lies in ruins. I got the chance to go back and stop it from ever happening, only to discover that I was the cause. This is how I destroyed the world.


45. Consequences

Don't wait. The time will never be just right ~ Napoleon Hill


"You must always remember; when you take action, you can never take it back."

- Anon. (Unknown date)


I wasn't certain whether the screaming had stopped or if I just couldn't hear it anymore. Bones grew out of Xander in all the places they shouldn't have. I could see the entire evolution happening before my very eyes. It looked like torture.

I tried my best to pick him up. He hissed at me and tried to bite my hands. The tiny effort of moving caused him even more pain. Whether or not he tried to attack me, he was still my pokémon – I couldn't let him keep suffering. I scooped him up into my arms and ignored the pain of my own injuries. He seemed to realise it was me but he still pressed down hard against my chest. It was like he was trying to force the pain out of his head or something.

I didn't think long on the subject. I knocked through the door side-first and raced up the stairs to the roof. Two steps in and I could hear Loki's distant chattering and Adryan's attempts to quiet the sableye.

In any other situation I would have laughed.

Adryan saw me coming before I even had to announce my presence to him. His face lit up in glee before he saw my own appearance and the current state of my pokémon.

"What happened?" he asked as he tried to touch Xander. The lombre hissed at the touch and tried to fight him off.

"Water stone," I breathed. I felt little bits of water splash against my chest and wondered just when I'd started crying. The thoughts died quickly under the urgency of what was happening though. "Someone… somehow, they had a liquid form."

"Liquid water stone?" Adryan gaped at me. "They're testing those? Dad said they were still in the design phase."

"I don't give a shit about design phases!" I snapped at him. "Xander's hurt! He needs a pokémon centre! I can't even recall him and stop this from happening to him!"

Xander screamed again. It tore my heart in two. He doubled over and vomited all over my boots. I tried my best to pat his back, but I didn't know where I could put my hands without causing him any pain.

"Dammit!" Adryan cursed. "Alright," he said quickly. "Ripper, teleport us three to the pokémon centre in Sootopolis. Irenui, look after Loki while we're gone."

I didn't even see what the flygon did in reply. There was just the feeling of falling through the floor and then people screaming as lights burst into existence around us.

There was a man in green scrubs that ran towards me instantly. "Oh my god," he breathed. "What happened here?"

"Water stone," I said, panicked. The nurse nodded and gestured for a stretcher to be brought out. He asked as many questions as he could while leading me towards the operating room.

I didn't hear any of his questions. I was vaguely aware of Adryan answering the question as best as he could. All I could see was Xander's face flashing agony with every step I took.

Finally the stretcher came. The nurse tried taking Xander out of my arms but again the lombre just hissed at the intrusion. I placed him down on the stretcher as gently as I could and watched him being carted away from me. I started after him, only for the nurse to hold out an arm.

"You can't come any further," he told me. "Get yourself cleaned up." It was only then I realised what a state I was in – covered in blood and who knew what else. "We'll let you know when you can see your pokémon."

Adryan grabbed me before I could swing for the man and tell him exactly what I thought of being separated from my pokémon. "Get yourself cleaned up," he told me, his voice quiet and strained. "I'll send Ripper back for Irenui and Loki, then they can help him find the rest of your pokémon."

I gave a small nod. I hated myself for turning away from my pokémon but knew it had to be done. I walked on autopilot towards the bathrooms and managed to clean most of the blood off my body.

Seeing it staining the sink and water red was surreal. I'd forgotten how many times I'd washed blood off my hands or my clothes, but I'd never been so affected by it. It took every ounce of self-control I had not to burst into tears then and there.

I think I shrunk my clothes by using the hand dryer to dry them. At the time I didn't care. I made my way back to the waiting room like a zombie and found Loki already there. He raced at me, clutched at my leg and chattered little upset sounds into my body.

I bent down and scooped him up. "I don't know," I told him. "I don't know if Xander's going to be alright."

One of the other nurses in the pokémon centre saw the state I was in and forcibly dragged me after her. She put quick bandages around my ribs, a simple cast on my wrist and gave me some ointment for my ear. She told me that I'd have to go to a hospital to get myself fully checked out, to make sure the bones healed properly and my ear didn't become infected.

I remember giving her a tiny shrug and a non-committed thanks. She made me promise her I'd do so before she quickly took off to her rounds.

My pokémon were all in the centre by the time I was done. Ripper looked exhausted and floated in a dark corner of the room – it looked like he'd attacked the light to give himself some shadows. Ayd seemed to be apologising to someone that worked there about his pokémon's actions while some of my pokémon nearly broke my bones even further as they leapt at me.

I found myself with Erra attached to my head and Loki again to my leg. Scar and Lacey both remained a little bit more distant, gave me a once-over and then exchanged little grunts. Gemini was just sat down in a corner near Irenui while Alistair looked like he was about to chop a nurse's head off.

[They will not allow admittance to see Xander, sir,] he told me as I pulled him away from the person. [What manner of fiend are they, that they won't let a comrade see his brother-in-arms?]

"I don't like it any more than you do, Alistair," I told him. "But it's to make sure the operating rooms remain uncontaminated. Otherwise Xander could get infected by whatever disease we might bring in with us."

[That is entirely unreasonable!] he protested.

[Deal with it,] Gemini muttered at us both. [Humans have their rules, as we have our own. Let them tend to the lombre. If you distract them from their duty, the lombre's life force may dwindle even more.]

"'Dwindle'?" I echoed, panicked. "What do you mean 'dwindle'?" I yelled at her. She snorted and turned her head away from me, refusing to say anything more. It was Scar who pulled me away from her, shaking his head and growling little notes.

"Don't let your pokémon start a fight," Adryan warned me. "Don't start one yourself. The pokémon centres are on edge since all the poké balls stopped working. They're becoming overcrowded. The slightest thing now and they're likely to kick you out."

"They'd kick me out, even while my pokémon's undergoing treatment?" I glared at the people working in the centre, daring them to try to remove me. It wouldn't end well for them.

"Just… try to relax," Adryan said. "As stupid an idea that sounds. We could be here for a while."

I was vaguely aware that night had settled. There were less people storming into the centre and less general chatter. Alistair was still pacing up and down the waiting room with Erra on his shoulder. Gemini was curled up in a corner, sleeping or meditating, with Loki snoozing atop her back. Lacey had disappeared at some point while Scar remained by my side the whole while.

I blinked blearily and stared at the charmeleon until my eyes focused. He glanced towards his shoulder, blew a little breath on it and evaporated the little stream of saliva I'd left there.

I blinked at him again, barely even aware that I'd fallen asleep. I felt like I hadn't slept in years. He gave a little growl and slapped the top of my arm.

"I'm awake," I muttered as I rubbed my eyelids. "What's the time?"

He gave a little snort. The reason slowly dawned on me.

"So maybe I'm not totally awake, considering how I'm asking a charmeleon for the time." I glanced at the clock and took a moment to register the time. "They've been in there for eight hours," I whispered. Part of me was amazed that they could work for so long on one operation. The other part of me was performing as many fearful prayers as I could possibly think of.

I don't know how long I waited there. Time just seemed irrelevant and never ending.

It was horrible.

Finally someone came to speak to me. I don't remember much of what they looked like – my mind was all a blur and I could barely register anything that was going on.

Then he delivered the news that shattered my psyche completely.

"I'm… sorry."

Two words that broke my brain completely.

I remember him saying something about the damage being too great. About how even though he was still alive, a bone had grown wrong and gone through his brain. Another had pierced his lungs.

They said it was better to put him to sleep.

My brain scattered into a variety of different places after that.

I remember being in the room with Xander. I think my other pokémon were there too. I remember the sterile smell and the sight of Xander lying there on the metal table.

I could barely recognise him under all the mutation. Blood and bone still stained most of his skin.

People always said that when someone died, they would look at peace.

I couldn't tell with Xander. His eyes were still scrunched shut, like even after he'd died he was still in pain.

I think I managed to hold in the tears until the doctor left us alone with Xander's body.

They said something about what I wanted done with the body. I didn't have a clue. I had no idea about any of it. All my other dead pokémon didn't exactly have bodies to bury. The wurmple was torn to shreds by Loki. The makuhita was abandoned in my haste to get away from the shedinja. Sophie was just obliterated.

Words and speech became jumbled nonsense. I managed to nod when they said something about cremation. I heard them say something about doing it when I was ready.

When would I ever be ready to do that to my pokémon?

I think I stayed there for a while, convinced he was going to wake up. That all the mutation was nothing more than an elaborate prank him and Loki had cooked up.

It never happened.

I think I left when they told me I couldn't stay in the room any longer. I would have argued it… but I was just so broken. Everything was a haze. Nothing made sense – everything I saw, I forgot again moments later.

I made it back into the reception room. Adryan was fast asleep atop his flygon, Ripper floating nearby. The dusknoir loomed over to us and I felt a whispered condolence touch my ears.

I wondered how he knew. Belatedly I realised dusknoir knew about the passage of spirits from one life to the next.

"You… you knew this was going to happen, didn't you?" I asked him. He said nothing. He just floated there, his single eye boring into my face and through the other side of my skull.

Even I could figure out the silence was him trying not to confirm it.

I didn't have the energy to accuse him of anything. I knew he should have warned me about something – if he knew when things were meant to pass on, the least he could have done was warn people.

It was like my brain already knew how ridiculous such a statement was. All I could manage was a barely coherent, "Huh."

That simple grunt seemed to be a massive trigger.

Suddenly Alistair whirled around on me and pinned me to the wall. His bladed elbow dug into my throat hard enough to draw blood as he dug his other hand's claws into my cheek.

[You betrayed him.]

My thoughts were barely coherent. "It needed to be done," I whispered. "I don't like it either, but it was that or making him suffer."

[Not that,] Alistair growled. I saw my other pokémon move to try and help me, yet a single glare from the gallade seemed to put most of them in their places. The ones that weren't deterred by his glare were separated as a blue barrier sprung into existence around us.

[You had the choice; to give yourself up and save him, or to do exactly as you did.]

"Xander had a plan!" I growled at the gallade. I didn't have the patience to go through such a conversation. Especially not then. "I saw him – he gave me that smirk he wore every time he had a plan!"

Alistair pushed me a little further into the wall. [He was attempting to tell you to give up, sir. His plan was to act after he was freed.]

I felt like I'd been punched in the stomach.

Then I was punched in the stomach. Alistair doubled me over and sliced my cheek with one of his blades. He threw me to the floor and just glared at me as I pressed a hand over my bleeding cheek.

[You chose yourself over another. Another that put his trust entirely in you.] He moved towards the doors but stopped just a pace away from them. [Do you wish to know what his last thoughts were? 'Why? Was I not good enough? How-]

"Shut up!" I snarled at him. "You think you're so high and mighty, huh? Berating me because I made a choice that didn't end well? I can't read minds! I don't know what people or pokémon are thinking! I have to make choices on what I know, not what I can see in other people's minds!"

He gave a little shrug. [You proved who you really are today. You care not for the welfare of your comrades. You are neither a good trainer nor a good friend. I cannot and will not work with someone like you. Farewell sir – try not to kill anyone else.]

With a little hum of the automatic doors, he disappeared.

And just like that, he was gone.

The blue barrier between me and the rest of my pokémon disintegrated. Scar growled at the doors and moved to chase after the gallade. I called him off and just sat there, stunned.

I couldn't say anything, because deep down I figured it was all true.

Four dead pokémon. The rest were all some form of psychotic. The only pokémon around me that wasn't insane didn't even belong to me.

It summed up my ability as a trainer.

It was dark, early morning when I got Xander's ashes. I remember scattering them in the sea. I had no idea what to do with them, truth be told. I just figured that he liked water. I wanted him to be able to be around it all the time. Hoenn was almost entirely islands built on one large, warm ocean. If his spirit lived on then at least in a way, he'd always be with me.

Those weren't my thoughts at the time.

Instead I focused on how unfair it was. I seethed at everything. Flailing between hatred for myself and hatred for the people that did what they did to Xander, I devised a plan. It was anything but smart. Yet I figured that if I could complete it, there might be a slim chance I'd feel even a margin better.

I sat there for a while as I formulated the plan. My pokémon were around me, silent in the darkness. I had no idea where Adryan was – I hadn't paid much attention to him. I think he was still asleep at the time. I didn't want to wake him. He wouldn't like my plan. I couldn't deal with anyone that was going to tell me what to or what not to do.

I wondered idly how Alistair had managed to vanish from Sootopolis. The entire place was built in the remains of an old volcano. Water filled up a large portion of the inside, with the outside covered in crags and dangerous inclines. The only way in or out was by boat, by flight or through the ocean. I guessed that somehow he'd managed to teleport out.

He said his psychic abilities were poor. I figured they had to be good enough to teleport – even if he could only warp himself.

I turned my thoughts away from him. He'd abandoned me. Left me after everything.

I was mostly annoyed with myself. Annoyed that I couldn't blame him. Annoyed that on some level, I thought him right.

I gathered up a handful of sand in my hand and crushed it as hard as I could with a fist. "Fuck this," I growled as I stood. "I can't stand this waiting around. I need to do something. Xander's dead. That place is still standing. After what they did to him, it doesn't deserve to be there anymore."

My pokémon all shot me the same glance. Surprise, alarm… disbelief. But I could see it in all their faces; they'd follow me through with my plan. We all seemed to share the idea. One of our own had been taken.

It was just Gemini that remained slightly off to the side. She stared at the soft reflection of the moon in the water.

[This course of action is foolish,] she muttered into my mind. [What good will become of your plan?]

I spun round to glare at her. "All good will come of it! We'll feel better and they'll know not to pull shit like that again! That place is still standing Gemini. Who knows what's in there that we didn't destroy. Adryan's dad would only know so much. I doubt Adryan had any idea of what was really going on in there. He didn't know anything about them having liquidated radiation stones!

"If they have those," I said with a dark look, "what else could they have? It's best just to make sure the whole place goes up in a big bang."

[You just want revenge.]

"So?" I snapped. "You're not one to lecture me about wanting that! Yes, I want revenge. But look what they've done so far! Hospitalised – killed – people. Civilians! They let loose toxins on whole towns of people!"

Gemini gave a derisive snort. [Whatever helps you feel better about this. I see no reason for me to lend my abilities, however. It seems like there is nothing that would benefit me from this little excursion you have planned.]

I figured that she would have wanted convincing. Luckily my brain had already developed the perfect reason for her to come along. I wasn't certain if it was true or not. I didn't care, as long as it got me what I wanted.

"Just think about it Gemini," I said. "This is what I was meant to do. That stupid pokémon brought me back here for a reason. Maybe more. This is probably one of many reasons it brought me here for. If I do so, it could very well show up afterwards."

I didn't know her well, but I could see the flicker of intrigue in her eyes.

[And if this is not what you were tasked to do?]

I shrugged. "Then it'll probably appear afterwards anyway, just to bitch at me or throw me back on course. Either way, it's likely to appear if we do this."

She wittered something I couldn't understand. Finally she sighed. [Very well. I shall aide you in this.]

"Good." I gave her a curt nod and glanced at my team. Most of them had turned back to the water. Where what remained of Xander had been laid to rest.

Alistair may have been right. I might not have been a good trainer. But I promised myself that I'd make damn sure I'd become one after doing what I had planned.

It wasn't until later that I realised I was effectively going on a suicide run. My starter was dead and with it, so was most of my resolve.

I sometimes wonder if everything would have turned out for the better, had I been successful in my suicide mission.

When I got back to the pokémon centre Adryan was already awake. He seemed to be talking to his dusknoir as I walked in. As soon as Adryan noticed me, he spun around and offered me a sympathetic look.

I couldn't see any of the pokémon centre staff about. Instantly I knew that Ripper was behind it all. I shot the pokémon a betrayed look as his trainer made his way to me.

"I'm sorry," Adryan whispered.

There was a lot of effort in stopping myself from glaring at him. "I'm fine," I muttered instead.

"Okay," he said, unsure. "Is there anything I can do?"

"Yeah," I said quickly. "You can teleport me back to that place."

He was confused for a moment. "Why would you-" surprise and alarm dawned on his face. "No," he said with a wave of both hands. "No way pal. I can't let you do what you're thinking of."

I did glare at him then. "How would you even begin to understand how I'm feeling?"

"I've lost pokémon too, remember?" he said in a whisper. "It's hard, yeah. But you can't go take revenge on an entire complex of people because of this."

My glare got a bit harsher. "Why not? You would."

He paled visibly and lowered his voice to a whisper. "The people that did it, yeah. But I wouldn't go on a massacre just because one of my pokémon died! Sure it hurts, but you deal with this pain! Killing others won't make it better!"

I shrugged nonchalantly. "It'd make me forget for a bit. Besides, you didn't know about there being any liquidised water stones. Your dad didn't mention anything about that now, did he?"

Ayd looked away sheepishly. "No, but I checked-"

"How could you check?"

He rubbed the back of his head. "I just thought I knew everything I could."

I threw him a condescending look. "It wasn't you that found this information out though, was it? It was your dad. They had stuff he didn't know about. Who else knows what they've got there."

He tried to level me with a resolute face. Instead it crumbled and dropped into one of reluctant agreement. "Fine, you're right. But we should warn them beforehand or something. Let the people get out."

"And what, let them run away with everything they know?" I laughed scornfully. "No. They know about it, they can do it again. Acceptable losses. Kill a few to save more. It's the way it has to be."

All humour vanished from his face. "You've changed."

"My starter just died," I said, completely deadpan. "And I'm just changing back. This is how I used to be. This is the person that got things done."

"You can't," he protested. "There's people in there. Innocent people!" He saw the look I gave him and understood I was going to do it with or without his consent. "Don't," he pleaded more than asked. "Don't go this far. If you leave for that place, I'll warn them. Tip them off that a terrorist attack is gonna happen."

I felt a little pang of hurt that he'd betray me in such a way. But really, I could understand. I couldn't blame him for wanting to save people. In my own way, I wanted to save people. I was just more realistic about it.

"I don't care," I said with a shrug. "You won't know what day I'm planning to do anything. I could do anything. Go in there myself and plant nailbombs. Find the virus they've been infecting everyone with and let it loose on them. I could just capture a rattata, strap a bomb to its back and send it at all the gas tanks."

Adryan sighed then finally glanced up at a little light on the ceiling. "You realise there's security cameras recoding everything we're saying right now, right?"

I flipped off the camera carelessly. "I don't give a fuck. Future-boy here, remember? I don't exist. You? You exist." I smirked and waved at him as I turned to leave. "Better find that footage Adryan. Wouldn't want them to see that you're involved in something like this."

I felt the doors of the pokémon centre close behind me. Cool, crisp air touched my face. The sun was slowly rising in the distance, basking the island in orange light.

All my bravado vanished. I hated myself for manipulating Adryan like that. I shouldn't have ever gotten him involved. All it resulted in was the pain of giving him my memories, a dead rapidash and now him being an accomplice in acts of terrorism. Add to that, my manipulation to make him steal security footage from a pokémon centre.

I extinguished all the compassion that burnt within me. It needed to be done. Xander was dead. I'd changed nothing. That was how far I'd managed to get by adjusting to the current world. It was time for me to see how well my soldier training would do.

It took four days by boat to get to Lilycove. Along the way, I spoke to Mia a little. She'd been training at Mount Pyre for a little while and set up a memorial to her other pokémon. She mentioned that her appointment had been delayed for a week. She said it was something to do with them upgrading security measures.

I didn't know whether that was thanks to me or Adryan. All I knew was that the police would be a bit more on the ball. Doubtless the lab already had security footage of me. It wouldn't be long before they'd be able to tie me to everything I'd done.

I told myself I'd do this act of future-saving terrorism, then hide for a while.

I didn't pay much attention to Lilycove. I just spent most of my time training my pokémon. About two day's worth of training passed and I still had no idea what I was going to do to enact my plan – I'd just make it up on the spot. There was little point planning things if they could all change at the last minute.

I was just happy none of my other pokémon evolved from the radiation. I considered that Lacey may be slightly in danger, given that her species evolved from them. A quick conversation with Gemini reassured me otherwise – apparently once fully evolved, they were immune to its effects, both positive and negative.

I couldn't help but wish I'd kept a water stone around. Maybe then I wouldn't have been in such a situation.

I told myself it was too late for regrets.

My phone vibrated in my pocket. I ignored it as best I could. I figured it would probably only be Ayd trying to put me off what I had to do. It needed to be done, he just didn't seem to realise that.

It took me just over an hour on the trains to reach the edge of Lilycove. It was cramped with all my pokémon, but the trainer-specific trains were built with large pokémon in mind, so it seemed. Another hour's walk brought me to the damned place that killed Xander.

I approached it as stealthily as I could and found an increase in security instantly. Two security guards outside the front doors. Another one that I could see on the roof. The wear in the flowers and grass around the building told me they made regular trips around the building.

They had to be hiding something. It was a bit much for somewhere that was just meant to be curing stillbirths.

"We won't be able to get in through the front," I whispered to my pokémon. Scar and Lacey both crouched by my side. Erra was sat on my shoulder, Loki by my leg and Gemini was squatting down a little distance behind us.

Scar growled, nudged me in the side and pointed forwards.

I followed his gaze and nodded. "Yeah, we'll sneak round the side. We'll double round – go a little distance away and come back." I glanced as best I could at the magnemite on my shoulder. "Erra, reckon you can find the electric lines under the ground?"

She gave a weak little buzz. It was enough for me to understand.

"The gas pipes will be nearby. I can lay a charge on them. A few around the building at key points." I stopped, scratched my chin and thought it all. "If I throw something flammable… Scar, do you think you can set fire to something on the second floor?"

He growled a little confirmation.

It was good. My whole plan was coming together.

"Gemini, you guard Erra," I hissed. "Loki, you stick with me during this. Lacey, stay with Scar. Make sure you all stay out of sight."

The entire place was going to pay for what they did.

Screw the civilian casualties. If they could warn anyone, it could let people get away with the information they had. I couldn't let that happened.

And if anyone tried to stop me… I looked forward to the thought.

I focused on my anger the whole way through. Everything became meaningless. I remember skulking around the building with Loki, hiding a few little bombs around the building. It was remarkable how much could be used for such a thing in these times.

I worked quickly. I barely even remember everything. It was like one minute I was getting ready to set everything up, the next I was back with my pokémon.

Erra found the power lines pretty easily. I had Scar dig a little pit until we found them. Pipes that contained gas were nearby. I placed another little charge on top of it and had Scar relay the dirt.

It was all too easy.

Nothing was going wrong.

I didn't think anything bad of it.

A few bombs laid around the building at its obvious structural weak points. Each with a cheap, disposable phone attached to explosive packs. One little text to each would set them all off.

The building would collapse on itself.

I moved us all a distance away. Lacey kept an eye on the building to make sure nothing was discovered. Half a mile away, the building was still in full view.

I held out a little flask I'd filled with petrol. It was amazing how quickly I was able to sort everything out; how my brain and body had seemed to work on autopilot to get everything sorted.

"Gemini," I said as I held it in front of her. "Can you shoot this into the window there?" I didn't even look at her as I pointed at the window. It was the one near a lab. I recalled the outside view when I was in there.

[Of course I can.]

"Good," I said and dropped the flask. She caught it with psychic powers immediately. It floated beside me by an invisible force. It was almost eerie.

"When you're ready," I said. "Scar, set it aflame when you can. Gemini; control the explosion until it gets through the window."

It took three seconds for Scar to set the petrol aflame.

Another second for it to smash through the window and blow the entire room apart.

Two seconds later, all the bombs I'd set went off.

I watched with a grim smile as the place exploded in front of me. The top of the building collapsed on itself. People screamed. The place burnt. No one escaped.

I watched the place burn for a little while. No one ever came out. One or two of the security guards ran in and tried to rescue survivors. Gemini let me know everyone they brought out was dead.

Adryan was wrong.

Revenge felt good.

I turned away from the place and smiled at my pokémon. "Come on guys," I said. "We should disappear for a little bit."

They grunted alongside me. We all seemed to share the same grim elation in getting revenge on the place that took Xander from us.

Out of curiosity I flipped open my phone. I'd have to ditch it soon anyway – why not see what my last message was, I asked myself.

It wasn't from Adryan. That wasn't what I expected. Instead it was from Mia.

I found my voicemail and waited for it to load.

I'd never have expected what message she said.

"Hey it's Mia. Guess you're busy… I should have known really, but I just wanted to talk to someone. My appointment for that stupid consultation's today. But… I dunno. I'm still confused as to everything. I guess I'll find out after I've chatted to them. I'll ring you afterwards though, let you know what I'm going to do. Just… thanks, you've been a real friend during all of this. My appointment thing's at half two, so I guess I'll be done by three. Speak to you then?"

The message stopped there.

So did my heartbeat.

Mia was going for an appointment that day! An appointment with Pathornogix.

The same place I'd just blown up.

I checked my watch.

Fourteen hundred thirty-five.

My heart stopped again.

She was in there!

I swayed on the spot and dropped flat on my backside. My pokémon stopped and glanced at me in concern. I just stayed there, numb, staring at my phone.

It couldn't be true!

My hands were shaking as I dialled Mia's number and pressed the phone to my ear.

There was nothing. No dial tone, no nothing.

She was in that building.

She was dead.

I'd killed her.

Adryan was right. Revenge didn't make me feel any better.

Revenge cost me one of my best friends.

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