The bad boy

Ally and Alex are at a new school 9th grade and she all mew challenges

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6. Chapter6-DirtyDirtyDirty

Ok we need to switch schools


Shorthill high school


Unfortunately Justin found out what school we were going too

We went their cause my baby sister went their ally

She's 14 and in the 9th grade and I'm 15 and in the 9th grade




Why'd you switch schools

I'm being picked on by a boy


Justin Bieber

Well I'm being bullied by his brother

Jeremy Bieber

Worst he followed us here

Great another Bieber



Justin and Jeremy and their friends

Great it's 8 against 8

Here they come

Runnnnn if you wanna live

On it

We ran the 8 us hid in the corner

We all hid

We do you guys have black eyes

Justin and his friends slammed us against our lockers and punched us in the eyes

I hate him

I do too now shhhhhh

I think they heard us

Justin and Jeremy found us


While we were running Justin and his friends and Jeremy and his friends started spitting their gum in our hair

And spitballs at us

Then they threw mud and dirt balls

Ew mud got in my mouth

Me too

Ahh theirs worms in this mud

Ahh theirs worms in my mouth

Gross then they threw mud and dirt balls at us

At our clothes so now we were covered in mud and dirt

We all went to the bathroom and vomited in the toilets

And threw up worms grass and dirt

Grosses day ever

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