Brother's Bestfriend

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  • Published: 4 May 2017
  • Updated: 28 Jul 2017
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I’ve always been the play it safe girl. I don’t drink, do drugs, or even go to parties. I’m always the goody two shoes who has never done a bad thing in her life. Falling in love was the last thing I expected to happen to me. The worse thing about it was that he was my older brother’s best friend, Kyle Mori.


6. Kyle POV: Chapter 6


The goal was to drink and forget, but it feels like it’s just helping me remember it more. Every girl here was pretty in their own ways, but they still weren’t her. Sure I flirted a little, threw some compliments here and there, but never more than that. I couldn’t do it. Though I did ended up staying the night at the party because I didn’t want to drive while I was still tipsy.

    Sure enough the first person I think about when I wake up in the morning was always her. I haven’t seen her in weeks because...well because I was avoiding her. The reason? I’m afraid I’ll lose control like the last time. I’m sure she was just teasing me a little, because that’s what teenagers do. And I just went all out on her like some maniac. Truthfully though, it was the best kiss I’ve ever had. The only kiss that only she could give.

Walking into some random coffee shop I freeze when I see Zoe carrying a pot of black coffee and who was that? Michael Jacobs arms around her. Fuck.

“I’m sorry, but my girlfriend is just too possessive.” I hear Michael say to the blonde that I’m guessing was one of his groupies. And did I hear him say girlfriend? As in referring to Zoe as his girlfriend? This better be some joke. Zoe was far too good for him. She was a good girl and he was an asshole.

“What’s going on here?” I interrupt their conversation and direct my gaze at Zoe. We lock eyes but she quickly turns away. I knew she was going to be mad, just not this mad that she couldn’t even look me in the eye. That’s also a reason why I gave her some space for a while to cool off.

“Kyle!” Blondie squeaks and hangs onto my arms. Zoe’s eyes immediately snaps to where blonde was holding me and glares at me when she looks up. Clearing my throat, I remove her hands from my arm.    

“I actually came here to pick Zoe up.” I lie and blondie scowl before storming off. I try to catch Zoe’s eyes, but she refuses to glance at me.

“I can walk.” Zoe say pushing off Michael’s arms from her shoulder. Relieved he wasn’t actually her boyfriend.

“It’s fine Kyle, I can take my own girlfriend home.” Michael comment. Ignoring him I keep staring at Zoe.

“I’m going home with my boyfriend.” Zoe say looking me dead in the eyes, challenging me.

“You don’t have a boyfriend.”

“He’s my boyfriend.” She says pointing to Michael.

“You don’t even know his name.” I say and she clenches her teeth.

“What’s your name?” She asks him. “Michael’s my boyfriend.” She added after he replies.

“You’re being ridiculous Zoe. Is this about what happened the other week? If you’re mad about that then I’ll apologize okay?” Instead of getting her to forgive me, all I did was got her even more mad. Ignoring Michael she walks out of the shop and I follow right after her, leaving him in the shop. “Zoe.” I call out her name and pull her back into me.

“What?” She grits out.

“What do you want from me?” I ask.

“Nothing ever again. So let go of me, I’m going home with Mich-”

    I press my lips to hers cutting her off. She talks too damn much. I lose it yet again, but she goes right along with me. She’s kissing me back as much as I’m kissing her and I can’t get enough of it. I get high off of her and I don’t ever want this to end.

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