Brother's Bestfriend

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  • Published: 4 May 2017
  • Updated: 28 Jul 2017
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I’ve always been the play it safe girl. I don’t drink, do drugs, or even go to parties. I’m always the goody two shoes who has never done a bad thing in her life. Falling in love was the last thing I expected to happen to me. The worse thing about it was that he was my older brother’s best friend, Kyle Mori.


4. Kyle POV: Chapter 4

    Why does something that feels so right is so wrong in every way? It’s been weeks since that day I sent Zoe home on my bike. I knew she loved riding her bike because she loved hearing the loud traffic noise and feel the wind in her hair. She looked beautiful even when the wind blows her hair into her face. It would’ve been fine if all I did was take her home like I was supposed to. Then I wouldn’t be drinking and hitting on every girl I see right now. I’m an asshole.


Hey you home?- Seth

Just got back. Why?- Kyle

Running late. Pick Zoe up for me?- Seth

Yeah no problem.- Kyle

Thanks. I owe you one.- Seth

    Hiding that I actually liked my best friend sister was harder than I thought. I almost slipped at times, but if he’s allowing me to pick her up then that means he haven’t figured it out yet. My manhood is still least for now.

    When get to her high school she’s waiting by the bike racks sitting on an empty bench with her head facing down. She looks at her phone then shuts it off and glance at her foot, tapping it twice impatiently. And I don’t know why but the sight made me smile.

“Zoe!” I call out her name and stopped in front of her with the bike I brought with me. She looks up and her eyes goes wide.

“Kyle? What are you doing here?” She asks.

“Seth couldn’t make it so he had me pick you up. Hop on.” I give her a smile before she hops on in the back seat.

“Thank you.” She whispers into my ears and holds tightly onto my shirt. Goosebumps form on my arms even though it’s practically 80 degrees out here. My breathing hitch up a knot and my stomach flutters.

“You’re going to fall off.” I finally say and bring her arms to wrap around my waist before taking off.

    Rounding the corner I see her house up ahead and I’m a dick because this will probably the only time she’ll have her arms around me, so I start to slow down my pace. Enjoying every last moment I had.

“Thanks again, Kyle.” She says before hopping off.

“Anytime little girl.” I say as a joke because trust me we both know she isn’t so little anymore. She frowns and glares at me.

“I’m not a little girl Kyle.” She protest.

“Prove it.” I take the joke a little further, but when I see her take a step closer to me the joke didn’t seem so funny anymore. Closing in, she stops when our faces are a mere inch apart right before pressing her soft lips to mine. And I lose it.

    I kiss her back taking control and when she jumps, I take that chance and sneak a little tongue. Before I knew it we were fully on kissing in front of her porch, not really caring who’d see us.

    Then as if hearing Seth’s warning in my head, I stopped and pull away. She looks at me with surprise before full on sprinting home, shutting the door behind her. Fuck I messed up BAD.


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