Brother's Bestfriend

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  • Published: 4 May 2017
  • Updated: 28 Jul 2017
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I’ve always been the play it safe girl. I don’t drink, do drugs, or even go to parties. I’m always the goody two shoes who has never done a bad thing in her life. Falling in love was the last thing I expected to happen to me. The worse thing about it was that he was my older brother’s best friend, Kyle Mori.


16. Kyle POV: Chapter 16

I couldn’t get to the bathroom fast enough before hurling into the toilet. Layla hands me a towel and scowl.

“Stop. People will think it’s because I’m a bad kisser.”

I glare at her as to say ‘shut up.’ I’ve known Layla since we were in highschool. We used to date a while back, nothing too serious, but before graduating she went abroad, and naturally we broke up. As far as I could tell we were more friends than a couple. We were never lovey dovey when we dated and I knew she had the hots for someone else, so who the hell knows why she wanted to date me in the first place. But she didn’t pry into my business so I never asked her too. We worked well together, for example the kiss today. It was her first day back and also the perfect timing for me to break up with Zoe without even saying the words, because hell knows I wouldn’t be able to say it, and she just went along with it. Though with her I never felt any kind of spark or what so ever, like I did with Zoe. With Zoe, just being close to her made me feel happy and alive. Something only she could ever make me feel.

“It’s been a while.” I say after wiping my mouth.

“Not nearly long enough.” She says before leaving me alone in the bathroom. I guess she still hasn’t gotten over him. We’re really just like two peas in a pod.


    Ever since that day I haven’t seen Zoe around anymore. I shouldn’t be surprise because I was just avoiding her as much as she were me. Seth and I still hung out, but lately he’s also been busy doing god knows what or who. I didn’t usually mind being alone, but nowadays alone time really sucked because all I was doing was thinking about Zoe. Layla, my only other friend, just got home so I didn’t want to annoy her too much, besides she’s done enough for me already. But without anyone here to stop me, there had been too many times I was tempted to just call her or text her and tell her about everything. I never did it though. I ruined my life, but I’m not going to ruin hers.

Drowning myself in work and picking up as many shift as I could possibly do, was the only thing I’m capable of doing these days. So I decided to take a quick shower before heading off to work. Little did I know was the worst decision of my life. When I got out of the shower I’m surprise to have 15 missed calls and 25 unread messages all from Seth. I decide to read the texts first.

What the hell bro! Pick up your phone! Did you die? Zoe is boarding the plane in fifteen minutes!!! -Seth


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