Brother's Bestfriend

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  • Published: 4 May 2017
  • Updated: 28 Jul 2017
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I’ve always been the play it safe girl. I don’t drink, do drugs, or even go to parties. I’m always the goody two shoes who has never done a bad thing in her life. Falling in love was the last thing I expected to happen to me. The worse thing about it was that he was my older brother’s best friend, Kyle Mori.


14. Kyle POV: Chapter 14

She still hasn’t brought it up. I mean why hasn't she? The questions inside my head are endless and it’s not until I see Seth waiting for me on my front steps that I finally knew why. She was never going to tell me.

“You know Zoe received a college acceptance letter from NYU.” Seth says as I went to sit next to him.

“Yeah, I know.” I admit.

“She...uh...told you?”

“No. I saw the letter in her room.”

“And you know why she didn’t tell you?”

“Yeah.” I say and felt the emptiness already creeping in. “I have to let her go don’t I?” I try to blink back the tears, but failed.

“Yeah.” He say and I can hear the apologetic tone in his voice. He didn’t have anything to apologize for. Zoe will always come first, for the both of us.


“Kyle?” I hear Zoe call out my name, freeing me from this misery. But I knew this was only the beginning. I tore my lips off Layla and turn around to look at her and try to play it cool.

“Do I know you?” I force the words out of my mouth while clenching my fist, drawing out blood. She looks at me in disbelief, the hurt showing in her eyes, and when she blinks, tears runs down her beautiful face. I couldn’t do it. Anymore of this and I’d surely vomit.

“Yeah, you know me. But I don’t know you. At least not anymore.”  


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