1. The New Home

       It was a cold day, the snow fall was brisk but freezing. I was supposed to meet my new parent today, I had lived with a foster parent since I was kicked out of my last house. This will be the 13th house I will live in and I am turning fifteen. I don't cause trouble normally I am actually very well behaved but every family gets rid of me once  I tell them of my past. Not that I know why. I reached the house and walked up the steps ignoring my social worker James as I knocked on the door. James absolutely despises me I don't know why but I suppose that it is all the houses I am kicked out of. I have been a orphan since I was born but only one house has worked and I actually stayed there till I was 10 then I was kicked out for my appearing powers. Everyone things my former mother is crazy but I believe her seeing that it happened. "Hello you must be Luna, I am Mrs. Prandu You can call me Fran".

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