Pastel Diary✌🏻


3. May 5th, 2017

OML! I started reading Everything Everything and it's sooooooo amazing!! Like it shows her struggle with being in love and having the restriction of not getting to see him in person so well!! I'm about one third to half way done and I've only had the book for an hour! I seriously recommend you either get the audio book or physically get a copy and read it because it is seriously the best book I have read!

People were telling me that it was a lot like TFIOS(the fault in our stars) but I don't think it is. The way I view it is her struggle with wanting to escape where she is and try to find herself. Olly is just a good character to her story to show how she deals with the situation and he also causes some good conflicts in the story line which makes the whole book even better!!

Again I seriously recommend you go and read the book!


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