Pastel Diary✌🏻


2. May 4th, 2017

I swear my gym teacher is psycho! Literally I walk into gym and she says,

"We're lifting weights today get your assigned weights!"

In my head I'm like "oh I'll remind her that I can't lift anything because of my shoulder" but right as I'm about to remind her she tells me to get them and not to say anything to her! So as I usually do when she does this I go and grab my doctors note for her to read. I bring it to her and she said,

"I don't care! Grab your weights and get to work!"

I grabbed my weights and sat there but then she got mad at me and this other girl for sitting but we both have dislocated body parts! So I remind her,

"J has a dislocated knee and my shoulder is dislocated we can't do anything."

Then she continued to respond with,

"If your not participating your not my responsibility. This is gym class and you are going to be physical. If not leave."

I stayed sitting there and she still continued to scold us but I didn't care. I am physically in able to do anything!

Again sorry for the rant. May the Fourth be with you.!


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