13 Reasons Why

* WARNING! Mentions of rape, suicide, drugs, and others *

A 13 reasons why spin off the way I wanted it to be.


1. Disclaimer



This is a spin off of the Netflix series and bestselling book called 13 Reasons Why. I highly suggest you watch the tv show if you haven't seen it! It's pretty triggering and mentions sexual assault, suicide, drugs, etc and this book will contain some of that as well so don't read if you can't handle it! Side note: I'm only on tape 4 in the show and I haven't read the book so if you're gonna comment like "that's not like it was in the show.." don't! This is a spin off. It's not supposed to be like the original!


A better cover will be coming soon too by the way! 

Please like, favorite, and comment (or give feedback) it's greatly appreciated and it motivates me to update quicker! 

If you want to contact me or read other stories of mine follow my wattpad (watergunkatie) 



- katie

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