13 Reasons Why

* WARNING! Mentions of rape, suicide, drugs, and others *

A 13 reasons why spin off the way I wanted it to be.


3. Chapter 2

Clay leaned his bike up against the baseball player's house and walked up the stairs into the house where music boomed throughout the different rooms. He searched through the different faces for his friend when suddenly someone put their hands on his shoulders. Clay turned around and saw Hannah standing there smiling. “Hey Hannah.”


“Nice to see you too Helmet. Nice party huh!”


Clay looked around and shrugged. “I just got here so I don’t know.”


Bryce, Justin, Monty, and Zack  approached the two with beers in their hands. Clay got a sick feeling in his stomach as the boys got closer. “Hey, Hannah, you’re here! And you brought him.” Bryce said pointing to Clay.


“Its Clay.” He said quietly.


Hannah smiled at the boys. “Yeah, I’m here.”


“You want a drink?” Justin asked raising his beer.


“Sure. Get Clay something too.” Hannah chuckled, elbowing her friend in the ribs.


Justin laughed before he made his way to the kitchen, leaving everyone in the lobby-way. “So Clay, surprised you came.” Monty spoke.




“Because you're Clay Jensen. The kid on a bike, not some party boy. You sit alone at lunch dude.” Monty explained and Clay’s eyes lost their warm hot chocolate feeling.


“Monty dont make him feel bad!” Hannah said, grabbing Clay’s hand.


Clay looked at Monty as he chuckled. “Can't defend himself?” Zack asked.


“I can.” Clay mumbled.


“Haha, really? Then fight me Monday after school.” Monty said leaning closer to the smaller boy.


Clay swallowed the lump in his throat. “All right.”


The boys walked off, leaving Hannah and Clay by themselves. “You don't have to right Monty you know that.” Hannah said as she looked into his eyes.


“I do now.”


Hannah shook her head, running her hands through Clay’s hair. “No Clay, you don't. I dont want you to. You’ll get hurt.”


“I can defend myself Hannah.”


“Not against Monty…” Hannah trailed off.


Clay slapped his hands to his thighs sarcastically. “Thanks Hannah!” He walked off into the crowded living room where everybody stared at him.


“Hey Clay!” He turned around and saw Jeff jogging over to him with alcohol in his hands.


Clay smiled. “Hey Jeff.”


“I heard you're gonna fight Monty.”


“How did you find out?”


“Word spreads fast,” Jeff laughed. “And I'm on the basketball team with those guys, they told me.”


Clay scratched his head and sighed. “I need to get out of this.”


“And be called a pussy for the rest of your life?” Jeff shook his head fast. “My friend will not be known as a pussy. I'll train you.”


Clay raised one eyebrow in confusion. “I didn't know we were friends.”


Jeff flashed his bright smile at Clay. “Of course we’re friends.”


Clay was shocked; he didn't think someone like Jeff would be friends with someone like him. “That's news to me.”


“Most things are Clay. Jeff patted Clay on the back slowly.


He looked around and sighed. “I do not wanna be here.”


“Me neither. Wanna ditch?”


“Sure, lets go.”


Clay and Jeff left the house together quickly not wanting to be seen by Bryce.




sorry this is kinda shitty. gimme feedback please.

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