13 Reasons Why

* WARNING! Mentions of rape, suicide, drugs, and others *

A 13 reasons why spin off the way I wanted it to be.


2. Chapter 1

*The chapters would be "tapes" but in this Hannah is not dead.*


Clay looked at his friend Hannah as he wiped the candy counter at the movie theater the pair worked at. Hannah looked up at him and smiled. "Helmet why are you staring?" She asked and suddenly Clay's cheeks heated up. He looked stuttered out his reply. "Huh what? Sorry."


Hannah approached him and chuckled. "Don't apologize Helmet. It's cute."


He arched one of his eyebrows in confusion at his friend. "What?"


"Oh Helmet, you are so clueless." Hannah began as she organized the brochures on the clear counter. Her smile brightened as she stared continuously at her co-worker. "Anyway, I know you hate Bryce and his friends but he's throwing a party tomorrow and I'm going. Do you maybe want to go too?" She asked, leaning on the counter.


Clay scratched his forehead quickly before letting out a sigh. "Only if you keep me company."


"Of course."


"Promise?" He asked as he held out his pinkie like a little kid.


Hannah locked her pinkie with his and smiled. "I promise Clay and I never break them."


Clay went back to cleaning the counters as people filed out of the movie theater -- it was nine pm on a Thursday night, people wanted to get home to get sleep for work or school the next day. Clay and Hannah chatted as they quickly finished cleaning the place up.


"Need a ride home?" Clay asked as he turned the key in the front door of the theater, locking it.


Hannah raised one eyebrow and the two began approaching the bike rack. "You only have a bike Clay."


That's when Clay smiled. "You can ride on the handle bars."


"Risky Clay."


Clay got on his bike and patted the handle bars. “Come on Hannah, get on.”


She rolled her eyes before she propped herself up on the bars in front of Clay. “Won’t I be in your way?”


“Trust me, I know the way.” He smiled although the girl he had loved for years couldn’t see him. He pedaled quick so he could get to Hannah’s house and when they arrived Clay became sad; he didn’t want her to leave.


Hannah saw the sadness in his eyes and she hugged him. “I’ll see you tomorrow Helmet.”


Clay blushed and shoved his hands in his pockets. “Yeah, right. See you tomorrow Hannah.” He watched as his friend entered her house and he finally began to pedal away from her house.


The boy thought about Hannah on his way home; her hair, her smile, her personality. Yeah, she was beautiful but her personality was even prettier. How could one be so pretty? He let out a sigh as he hopped off his bike and carried it into the garage. Clay walked inside slowly where he found his parents on the couch, reading. “Clay you’re home from work late.” His mom said as she peered up at him.


He nodded his head. “I’m aware. I had to take Hannah home first.”


“You and Hannah are pretty close huh?”


The boy shrugged his shoulders to his mom's accusation. “Just friends really. Nothing special.” Clay walked up the stairs and pushed through his bedroom door. Finally, some alone time. He tossed his wallet onto his bed and walked down the hall until he reached the bathroom where Clay stripped from his uniform and stepped into the shower.


The cold water hit his face and he shivered at the touch. Why are you going to this party tomorrow? He ran his hands through his wet hair quickly. For Hannah. That’s the only reason why Clay does anything these days; to make Hannah happy. Clay continued on with his shower routine before he stepped out onto the rug placed in front of the tub. He snatched his towel off the hook and wrapped it around his waist.

The boy gathered his uniform in a ball and walked back to his bedroom. He folded his uniform and put it on his desk before he opened his closet doors. Clay decided on some sweatpants so he dropped his towel and slid his pants on. He picked up his towel and went over to his desk where he saw pictures of him and Hannah from the carnival a few weeks prior. I love you Hannah. I wonder if she can hear me?


Clay tossed his towel to his hamper to “shoot hoops” but him being the unathletic bean he is he missed and it landed on his floor. He bent down and put it in the hamper before he sat on his bed. Goodnight Hannah. After that thought he crawled under his covers and closed his eyes.




Clay opened his eyes to the sound of his mom talking beyond the half shut door. “Clay get up and come downstairs, family breakfast in 10.” And her voice disappeared down the stairs. He groaned before getting out of his bed and sliding on his normal boring clothes and grabbing his backpack. One day until the weekend. You can make it Clay. He jogged down the stairs and into the kitchen where his mom was putting fruit onto their plates, and his dad was skimming through the Newspaper articles.


He sat at his seat and began shoving food into his mouth. His phone beeped so he took it out of his pocket and checked the message.


7:48 am | Hannah: Hey Helmet, meet me at my locker before class.

Clay looked back up at his parents and stood up. “I have to go. Hannah needs help with something.” He didn’t wait for a reply, he just rushed into the garage, hopped on his bike, and rode to school. Clay locked his bike in the rack and entered the school where he approached Hannah’s locker; she was standing there quietly, observing the delinquents they called classmates. “Helmet!” She exclaimed as she noticed his presence.


“Hannah Baker.” Clay said as his friend wrapped her arms around him. “You needed me?” He asked.


Hannah pulled away and bit her lip. “Yeah, are you going to the dance Saturday?”


Clay shrugged his shoulders -- he wasn’t a social event type of guy. “Probably not, why?”


Her smile faded. “No reason, I’m going.”


“I hope you find yourself a guy.” Although he didn’t hope she found someone. He wanted her all to himself.


Hannah put on a fake smile before she replied. “Will do Clay.”


Clay walked off to class with his hands in his pockets thinking about Hannah. Don’t find yourself someone. Please don’t, I beg you. He sat in his regular seat and pulled out his pencil and notebook, flipping to the page of notes he took yesterday, he sighed. “Hey Clay.” Tony smiled as he sat down across from his friend.


He took in his 80’s biker vibe and smiled. “Hey Tony.”


“Wanna come over tonight and help me with my car?” Tony asked, tapping his pencil against his paper.


“I don’t think so, I’m going to a party.”

Tony practically choked on his own saliva at Clay’s words. “A party? You don’t even like Bryce.”


He shrugged. “I’m going because Hannah asked.”


“She’s really doing a number on you isn’t she?” Tony asked as he shoved a piece of gum into his mouth.


Clay nodded his head as he sighed. “Yeah she is but she’s my friend so it doesn’t matter Tony,” He stared at his paper in silence before he spoke again. “I don't even work on cars so why did you ask?”


“You don’t go to parties either Clay.”


Clay begins to speak but his teacher cuts everyone off first.


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- Katie

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