Arabella's Ghost

1789. Massachusetts. Georgie has been living with her father since her mother and sister passed away. Now, her father must leave for Georgia to go pick up Georgie's new mother, Miss Bradford. But as soon as her father returns, strange things begin to happen. And no one has any idea why.


1. John Lewis

On January 1st, 1776, in Boston, Massachusetts, two twin girls named Arabella and Georgia were born to Anne and John Lewis. So John wrote in his journal.


Today my two baby girls were born. Their names are Arabella and Georgia. I am walking around, a new man. It feels good to be a father. Anne is well- tired but well. We all are, however. Nobody except the Lord knew we were going to have twins, I suppose. We planned on naming Arabella what she is- Anne made it up, but for Georgia- we will call her Georgie, the doctor suggested naming it after the state I was born in, Georgia, so she was. For now, they will share everything, until we get them each separate cribs and such. But Anne is calling me, so I must go. Anne is not feeling well. I do hope she gets better.


Two days later, Anne died. And two days after that, Arabella struck fever and died in her sleep.



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