Arabella's Ghost

1789. Massachusetts. Georgie has been living with her father since her mother and sister passed away. Now, her father must leave for Georgia to go pick up Georgie's new mother, Miss Bradford. But as soon as her father returns, strange things begin to happen. And no one has any idea why.


2. Alone

I tied the saddle up to my Father's horse. He kissed me goodbye and mounted. I was standing behind our large estate, with a creamy yellow exterior and windows with white shutters. Large steps led up to the front door. My Father was riding away to Georgia, where he would pick up my new mother. I never really had thought about my past before. It had always just been me and my father, until he fell in love with a helpless law client who had been abandoned by her husband. She pleaded to my father for days, until he finally gave her what she had been waiting for: a hand in marriage. 


I walked back into the house, and started to clean the un-washed dishes and un-wanted food on the table. I couldn't help but be distracted as I had the whole house to myself- so I started to sing. And my hand got caught on a loop in the tablecloth. Before I knew what was happening, there was a large crash and glass was shattered on the ground. God, I've only been alone for not yet an hour and have already messed something up. I thought to myself. So, I grabbed a cloth and with it wrapped around my hand began to sweep the shards into my covered arm. 


That's when I came upon it. A journal entry, in what I recognized as my Father's handwriting labeled January 1st, 1776. And so I read it.


Today my two baby girls were born. Their names are Arabella and Georgia....



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