This is about a girl named Katty in a groupchat with her crush, bullies, and the person who likes her.


1. Group chat?

Katty: Um... why did i get put in this group chat???

Chance: idk......

Katty: ughhhhh this is so annoying......

Bella: Hiya! I created this groupchat!! I want us all to be friends!

Steph: As if... I would never EVER be caught dead with this group of losers!


Chance: Wow. Real classy Steph Really classy

Katty: yup what chance said

Jaren: also, wtf steph?!?! So im a loser now??

Chris: Haha😂😂 my man gettin dissed by his own damn girlfriend lol

Katty: bruhhhhhh this is way to dumb. Why would any of us become friends Bella?

Bella: Because, We would make the coolest group ever! Duh!

Steph: Omg😂 this is funny no one uses the word "Group" anymore everyone uses squad

Katty: I gtg byeeeeeeeee

Chance: Same byeeeeeeeeee

Steph: Me too bye bitches

Jaren: Peace

Chris: Bye

Bella: BYeeeeeeeeeee



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