Sweet Verona

Verona and Harry had been best friends for years, but when Harry became a part of the famous One Direction, he became too busy for Verona. She’s found herself a new boyfriend, who even wants to get married to her. She’s perfectly content in her life filled with Adam and not filled with Harry Styles. But when Harry decides to show up to her engagement party with the intent of getting Verona back, but she’s less sure about her feelings. She knows that she can live a perfectly fine life with Adam, but there’s the possibility for an amazing one with Harry.

Harry Styles Competition Entry
Cover made by @Blurry face


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Ah, Harry Styles. Verona had always known that her former best friend was made for fame. After all, his last name is Styles. His name, his voice, his looks, it always was all meant for Harry to be one of the most famous people on the planet. And Verona had known that from the moment that they became friends. What she didn’t know is that fame would change the entire dynamic of their relationship. Looking at the headlines that have come up through her Facebook feed and that she had seen on multiple magazines, Verona remembers the day that Harry had auditioned for the X-Factor. She remembered him calling her immediately afterwards and also remembered the fact that they had hardly any time together since that day.

Hastily closing out of her browser, Verona remembered when Harry had begun to keep in touch with her less and less. While he was on the X-Factor, they had spoken plenty. He still texted her daily, and most nights the two of them would talk on the phone. After placing third on the show, the boyband blew up bigger than anyone – except for Simon Cowell – could have predicted. Following their loss on the show, the boys were immediately signed to Simon Cowell’s record label and began to record. They toured with the X-Factor contestants, released an album and then toured again. It was somewhere in that second tour that Harry had stopped texting as often and began to never call. Verona would call him each night, leave a message, and soon enough she felt lucky to receive a call back once a week.

When Verona met Adam, a cute boy who was nice and clearly into her, Verona used this to her advantage, talking to Harry about him endlessly when they did talk. She’d asked him for advice, and he said, “Date him.” Before Harry became world famous, he had been insistent on meeting and approving of boys who Verona liked. He never approved of them, and Verona had always assumed it was because of the small amount of attraction between the pair. Because of this, Verona figured that it would bring Harry right back into her if she was talking about a new boy. However, he simply said, “Date him.”

It was Adam who told Verona to stop messaging Harry to see if he would even bother to message her if she didn’t put in the effort. Nervously, Verona did just that. She continually told Adam that of course Harry would still make time for her, but her confidence faltered on the inside. Verona felt terrified that Harry wouldn’t ever talk to her again, and for good reason. For five years, she hadn’t heard a word from Harry.

Verona stood up from her desk and walked to the large kitchen on the main floor of her house. Verona and her mother lived alone in Cheshire. Verona’s father had left when she was quite young, and last she heard he was in prison. Their house wasn’t large, but it was much bigger than necessary for two people. Verona could hear Anne and her mother talking in the kitchen and she sighed internally. When Harry and Verona had become best friends, it extended to their mothers becoming best friends. Unlike Harry, however, Anne had stayed.

Verona smiled at both of them as she entered, immediately walking to the refrigerator to find anything to eat. She had planned to be polite when entering and polite when leaving, but not to stay for long in between the two phases. However, Anne had other plans. “Verona,” she said, a smile present on her tight face.

“Hello, Anne,” Verona replied.

“Harry is coming back, did you hear?” Verona shook her head no, but she could see in Anne’s face that Anne had already known that. “Well, we’re having a ‘Welcome Home’ party for him, inviting all of the people who he says he misses, and of course you’re on that list.”

Verona stood shocked. There is no way that she was on Harry’s miss list. Harry had completely shut her out of his life. Of course, Verona knew that Anne was only inviting her because her mother was going to be attending. “Thank you for the invitation, Anne, but I probably won’t come.”

“Verona,” my mother gasped, eyes wide at me.

Anne calmed her down, however. “Oh, it’s fine, Kristy.” She then looked at Verona, “Harry does miss you, honey.”

Verona scoffed and thought to herself, No way in hell does Harry Styles miss me.

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