"she was a hurricane and he loved her for it."

a pretty little liars one-shot told through the perspective of caleb rivers.


1. hurricane

caleb rivers

this oneshot takes place during the five year jump and the start of season 6b.


f i r s t   y e a r

IN FALL, they moved to New York City. It was a quaint little apartment with wide windows and glossy wooden floors. It was far too small for the both of them but Caleb wasn't expecting much anyways. After all, they were just graduates fresh out of high school. But he hated to disappoint Hanna who adored luxury. He had unlocked the apartment for her and to his surprise, she merely smiled at him.

"I like it," she'd told him. "It's cosy."

He had beamed back and kissed her gently. "I'm glad you do."

Hanna practically made an entire project out of it. For the next couple months, while Hanna was balancing her studies at FIT, she waltzed around the apartment decorating every area of it. Somehow, they managed to make the compact space seem bigger. 


THE NIGHTMARES began in Winter. Hanna was already stressed and Caleb was worried. That night, he felt the other side of the bed dip and the sound of footsteps leading away from the bed. He got up and rubbed the fatigue from his eyes. 

"Hanna?" His voice was rough and husky from sleep.

No response.

Caleb found her in the bathroom. She was sitting on the cold tiled floor with her body slumped against the toilet. She wouldn't look at him. Tears were silently streaming down her pale face and her hair was messy from sleep. The thing that really worried Caleb was the look in her restless eyes. Trauma. The same look when they rescued Hanna and the rest of the girls from the Dollhouse. Caleb didn't have to ask; he knew it was the nightmares. He sat down next her and his fingers found the side of the neck. He traced his thumb in circles on her cheek. Her neck was slick with sweat but he hardly minded.

"Do you want to talk about it?" he had asked.

She finally looked at him. Blue eyes colliding with brown ones. Shaking her head, she said, "No."

Wrapping an arm around her, Caleb pulled her against him. "You're okay here. You know that right? You're okay, here with me."

She nodded and leaned into him. "I know."

The next day, Caleb had suggested that she take the day off and skip her classes but Hanna had insisted that she go.

"No way." Hanna shut him down immediately. "If I want to graduate anytime soon, I have to attend all my classes. I'm not going to let some stupid nightmares get in the way of me and my degree."

Caleb only smiled and leaned down to kiss her on the cheek. "Alright."

That was the thing Caleb loved about her. Hanna was fiercely independent and he admired her determination and strength. You could never tell Hanna Marin what to do.




s e c o n d  y e a r

SHE LEFT in Spring. It was pouring outside and the sound of rain against the windows were helping the situation. He had his back turned to Hanna, who was standing before him in a large coat and a suitcase at her feet, like she was ready to leave at any minute.

"Look I'll only miss Prague," Hanna said in that pleading tone. "I'll fly straight from Tokyo to Budapest."

He whipped around, a scowl on his face. "You said that you wanted to talk about this. You already made up your mind."

Hanna's blue eyes pierced into his own. Annoyance was slowly creeping into her voice. "If I don't go, I'll lose my job!"

"Do you know how many times I've heard that?" Caleb threw his hands up in exasperation. "You said that on my birthday, on your birthday, on New Year's Eve. Hanna, your life is on a loop. I'm barely a part of it anymore."

Hanna looked defeated. Shaking her head, she said, "What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to say no to your boss and come with me to Europe like we've been planning for the last three months."

Say yes, Hanna, he urged. Say you'll come with me.

But of course, Hanna shot him an indignant look. "I can't do that," she said firmly.

The disappointment settled in his stomach like a heavy stone.

"Alright? I'm sorry." She took a step towards him but he turned away with a heavy sigh. He forced himself to look out the window, to look anywhere else but her. Caleb could feel her eyes boring into him. But then she was turning away from him. 

His eyes snapped to the sound of the door unlatching. "If you go," he said, his voice breaking. "I'm not going to be here when you get back." 

Hanna stopped short and turned to face him, her arms hanging limply by her sides. Shaking her head slowly, she said, "What do you mean?"

"I'm leaving today," he responded and it took everything to keep himself together. "I can't keep doing this."

She sucked in a breath like she was thinking about it, considering it and for a moment, Caleb thought she would come with him and they'd be okay. No avail. Hanna shook her head."We'll work this out like we always do." No, Hanna, I don't think we can this time. "I'll call you from the cab." And then, she was gone. Out the door, onto the busy streets of New York, away from him. She had left him.

He wanted to believe her. He wanted to believe they could work, like he had once believed. He knew their relationship wasn't a perfect, calm ocean with soft waves; it was wild and chaotic with unsteady waves but still, their ocean was undeniably beautiful and it was one Caleb didn't mind drowning in. 

When everything fell apart in his life, the only thing that remained constant was Hanna. When everybody in his life left with ease, Hanna stayed. But now, the one person he was certain about, was gone. 

Caleb shook himself out of his pathetic thoughts and looked around the apartment. He looked at the dying flowers that Caleb had bought for Hanna a couple weeks ago, at the open closet that was filled with her clothes, at all the decorations that Hanna had showcased proudly. His eyes landed on the photo that sat upon a nearby table. It was his favourite photo of them, the one that he had set as his lock screen. Hanna had her arms around his neck and they were laughing happily.

She was everywhere even when she was gone. He needed to get out of here.

In less than fifteen minutes Caleb had hastily gathered all his belongings and was ready to leave. His fingers were already on the door handle but for a moment, he paused and looked around him. This was it. He considered taking the photo with him but he knew it would only come to haunt him. He left his phone too. One sound of her voice and he'd be back here again, already ready to take her back. He reminded himself that this wasn't enough, he couldn't settle for being half-loved, half-needed. He left without a second glance.


BY SUMMER, Caleb was in Budapest. He could distract himself with the sights but that didn't change the fact that she wasn't here. 

He was in a bar, tipping alcohol down his throat. His throat burned but he enjoyed the tingling that settled in his throat. He thought that he could silence those thoughts burning at the back of his mind with alcohol. The alcohol only made him slightly tipsy.

The bartender, a guy in his forties or fifties with a wide face and a beard, smiled at him sympathetically. He said something in Hungarian.

Caleb shook his head. "I don't speak Hungarian."

"What wrong with you?" the man asked in a thick accent. "Why you here by yourself?"

Caleb opened his mouth to respond but nothing came out.

"Trouble with your lady?" Right, this was a bar. People probably came here all the time to drunkenly preach their problems to the bartender.

Caleb laughed mirthlessly and propped his elbows on the bar. "I suppose."

"You will be okay," said the bartender.

"Probably not." Caleb merely shrugged.

The bartender patted his shoulder sympathetically before moving along to serve another customer. Caleb downed the remaining liquid in his glass. Hanna Marin was a hurricane, he decided. The kind that was wildly beautiful, the kind that was set to destroy everything in their path, the kind that you're warned to stay away from but would admire from afar. She was a hurricane, reckless and dangerous, and he had admired her and loved her for everything she was. 


f i f t h  y e a r

IT WAS Fall and Caleb looked like an idiot, pacing outside her door. What had once been miles, was now merely a door between them. What would he say when she opened the door? What would she think? What was he thinking? They shared no exchanges in the few years that passed and now, he was here.

Caleb pushed all the hesitation out of his mind. He needed to see her and he knocked. The door swung open and there she was. Hanna had never looked so beautiful. Her blonde hair was tied back, her blue eyes burning into his. Her jaw dropped open slightly and she looked startled as if she was expecting someone else. The silence that hung in the air, stretched on for what seemed like forever. A million thoughts ran through his head but he couldn't grasp onto a single one. 

Caleb was the first to smile. "Hey."

Everything inside him burned. I miss you. He almost forgot to breathe. Hanna smiled briefly and he knew he would've given everything, given up his entire universe just to see it again.


One two letter word from her and everything inside him collapsed. She was a hurricane, he remembered. But he seemed to have an inability to learn from his mistakes because again, he willingly stepped into her path. He knew he was thinking carelessly but maybe this time, he wouldn't mind the pain. He would go to hell and back just to see her smile one last time. The burning in his lungs was crushingly painful but the ache in his heart was consuming. Hanna Marin was a hurricane and maybe she would destroy him but he would love her through it all.







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