My Stolen Kiss

"Can you like someone just because you were told they like you?" He turned to look at me.

"Why? Is that bad?" I said looking at him as well. "I've been giving love for years and I'm tired! I'm tired of it not getting appreciated or returned! It's all good if you marry Stacey and completely forget about me!" He let go of the umbrella and placed his hands on my shoulders. My breath hindered as droplets of rain poured onto my head, slowly but steadily washing my tears away. In comparison to the clouds teardrops, mine where burning each inch of my skin. Allowing me to completely break down, with every shard left of my emotions.

"You like me!" He said shaking my shoulders. "You can't like anyone else except me." A frown was growing onto his face, completely contrasting with his feared stained eyes, showing that he was scared to break me or lose the last sane piece of me.


7. 0.7

Chapter 7


"What?"  Keith said. I grabbed Nick's wrist making the money fly out of his hands. I also had something to say.

"Don't make a fool out of me!" I yelled. "I wasted two years liking someone like you!" I yelled again.

"I don't need your pity." While I said this Nick put his wallet away.

"Are you sure you're fine with that?" Nick asked me.

"Of course! Do you even have friends? Treating people like that! Look I have tons of friends who help me when I'm in trouble." I said pointing to Jade, Sasha, Keith and his friends.

"Kaitlin, good job." Keith said while patting my shoulder.

"So I don't need your favor!" I yelled, Nick smiled and made a noiseless laugh. And walked away. I was surprised by how he reacted.

"Take it, take it." said Jack and Cade giving Nick his money back.

"What, what's wrong with Class F?" I asked. "Stop treating people like that!" I yelled at his back.

"So you are the talk of this town again." Said Jade to me.

"You would be the one arguing with Nick Louis." Said Sasha to me.

"What should I do? I didn't mean to do that." I said to everyone surrounding me.

Later that day

My dad and I were on our way to L's house.

"I'm sorry I made you leave school early." Said my father.

"No problem, it's an excused absence, teacher knows what happened." I nodded while my dad pulled up to his friend's house.

"This is L's house." He told me while admiring the house, it was pretty big.

"It's so big." I said.

"L's president of a big company." Said My dad. "He graduated from Stanford University."

"Stanford university? He must be someone great." I Said. " They would be able to hold a barbecue party." I said while looking around their front yard which was all surrounded by a huge gate. On this gate there was a sign that I tried to read.

"Oul...Fom...Famil?" I struggled my father saw this and said.

Familia de Louis

"Ahh Louis, it says Louis family." He smiled.

"Oh Louis family." I nodded until it hit me. "LOUIS?!" I yelled and asked.

"I call him L, but his name is Thomas Louis." He stated.

"Why Louis?" I asked mostly to myself.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"Uhh, nothing." I responded with a complaining look.

Once we fully parked inside the house entrance. A man came out but he had a belly that was huge. And his face wasn't like how anyone imagined a father to look like.

"Jason! Welcome." Said the man. "What happened you're late?!"

"Im sorry I went to pick up some packages." He Said.

"My gosh...Welcome!" he said patting My dad. I came around the truck and saw Thomas, boy was I glad. I laughed and nodded.

"Wow amazing." I said referring to the fact that Thomas looked nothing like Nick. Thomas gave me a puzzled look. "Oh, I was just talking to myself." I said smiling. My dad and Thomas hugged each other. While someone came out the door.

"Welcome." This person was a lady she looked young, but as a mother.

"Make yourself at home." Thomas said to father and me.

"I'm sorry, and Thank you L." Said father.

"What an accident it was, please make yourself at home." Said the lady.

"I'm Kaitlin, nice too meet you." I said to the lady which accepted my outreached hand.

"What a cute daughter." She said to everyone in general. "I only have sons." She stated.

"You have sons?" I Asked.

"I'll introduce him to you later." She was referring to one of her sons. "Come inside." She said. Once we entered the door way there was a flight of stairs with a boy around the age of 9, standing on the the 6th step. His mom noticed him and said.

"Lukey! Say hello to him, he is Mr. Jackson." She said.

"Oh he's your son?" I Said thinking about the fact that there is only one son.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Luke Louis. I'm in third grade." He said making my father impressed.

"Oh, what a smart one." He said to Thomas and Mrs. Louis.

"Nice to meet you Luke." I Said, the attitude I got back was killing. Luke practically glared at me.

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