My Stolen Kiss

"Can you like someone just because you were told they like you?" He turned to look at me.

"Why? Is that bad?" I said looking at him as well. "I've been giving love for years and I'm tired! I'm tired of it not getting appreciated or returned! It's all good if you marry Stacey and completely forget about me!" He let go of the umbrella and placed his hands on my shoulders. My breath hindered as droplets of rain poured onto my head, slowly but steadily washing my tears away. In comparison to the clouds teardrops, mine where burning each inch of my skin. Allowing me to completely break down, with every shard left of my emotions.

"You like me!" He said shaking my shoulders. "You can't like anyone else except me." A frown was growing onto his face, completely contrasting with his feared stained eyes, showing that he was scared to break me or lose the last sane piece of me.


6. 0.6

"I'm burning with shame." ~ Kaitlin Jackson

Chapter 6


In K's POV

The next morning AKA Monday

I was walking to school but I noticed a weird vibe, was it because of the news? Nah, what teenager watches the 7:00 pm news.

"Oh, it's Kaitlin from Class F." A girl said.

"It's her house that collapsed, right?" A boy told that previous girl, she simply nodded. I guess it was because of the news.

"Have you heard the news? It was in the newspaper as well." Said a different girl. "Gosh, it wasn't long ago that she got rejected by Nick Louis." Said a new girl.

"Kaitlin who got hit by the meteor." Said a boy laughing. Another next to him added.

"Bad luck continues, aren't you haunted or something." More people just kept walking and laughing at me.

"Kaitlin! Kaitlin!" I heard someone yell. I turned around and said.

"Jade, Sasha."

Jade said to me once she was next to me. " You are always the center of attention." She said

"I'm burning with shame."

"Anyhow, have you found a new place to stay? Are you alright?" Asked Sasha.

"Thank you. Well, we are going to stay at my dads friends house." I told her.

"Really? How did you find it?" Asked Sasha.

"He saw the news and called us." I responded.

"Wow, what a nice guy. Thank goodness. I'm sure you will be lucky from now on." said Jade.

"Right? The possibility of getting hit by a shooting star is really low." I said, then I smiled saying." I'd like to believe such rare luck will come and find me."

"That's you right there." Said Sasha.

"Right?" I said looking at Jade and Sasha. Jade suddenly stopped me and I knew why I heard my friend Keith yell.

"Please donate! 5 dollars, 10 dollars is fine. 50 cents is fine as well." Jack and Cade were with him too.

"Yesterday, because of the meteor shower, Kaitlin Jackson from Class 3-F has lost her home." Said Keith

(3-F stands for year 3 AKA junior year and Class F, the lowest class at the school.)

"We are raising funds for her. As students in the same school, for Kaitlin who has lost her home." he added.

"He's really dumb." Said Sasha.

"Well it's Keith." Said Jade. I went walking up to Keith and said.

"Keith! Stop it!" But he responded with the wrong words.

"Here's Kaitlin." He yelled. " Even after what happened yesterday, she's all cheerful and bright. She's cute today as well." He said " you make me cry." He sobbed.

"Keith! Stop it! You are a fool!" I yelled.

"What do you mean? I'm doing this for you!" He said.

"I don't want to attract any more attention in school!" I told him.

I took a step back to face Keith better, while my friends talked each other. "Now you really are the center of attention." Said Jade to Sasha, " more rumors coming." Said Sasha to Jade. They stopped talking when someone they all knew very well walked in front of them, getting their attention.

"Would you move?" Said Nick Louis to me. I turned around and said.

"Nick!" I was shocked.

"You are being rude." Keith said to Nick.

"Kaitlin is really hurt right now. Who do you think did this?" He said pointing to the situation I was in.

"The meteor shower, right?" Nick said looking at Keith.

"That is a different part of the story! It's because you were being so cold-hearted!" Keith said back at him.

"What the..." Said Jade to Sasha looking at Keith and Nick.

"Your cold heart was the cause of Kaitlin's bad luck." Keith said pointing at me, I was right next to him.

" The chance of an extraterrestrial planet impacting a human is 1 to 500 million." Said Nick looking at Keith.

"Planet?"  I Asked . " Are you talking about a shooting star?" I said to Nick.

"So I'm the cause of that 1-to-500 million possibility event?" Nick asked Keith.

"That's right." Keith responded.

"Keith! That's too much." I Said shaking Keith's sleeve.

"So I'm quite amazing." Nick said to Keith and I. He took off his backpack and opened it to reveal his wallet, then he pulled out a 50 dollar bill that he was going to give to Keith but instead handed it to me. He then said.

"If I give you money you won't say anything, right?"

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