My Stolen Kiss

"Can you like someone just because you were told they like you?" He turned to look at me.

"Why? Is that bad?" I said looking at him as well. "I've been giving love for years and I'm tired! I'm tired of it not getting appreciated or returned! It's all good if you marry Stacey and completely forget about me!" He let go of the umbrella and placed his hands on my shoulders. My breath hindered as droplets of rain poured onto my head, slowly but steadily washing my tears away. In comparison to the clouds teardrops, mine where burning each inch of my skin. Allowing me to completely break down, with every shard left of my emotions.

"You like me!" He said shaking my shoulders. "You can't like anyone else except me." A frown was growing onto his face, completely contrasting with his feared stained eyes, showing that he was scared to break me or lose the last sane piece of me.


16. 00

Hello Fellow Movellians,

I have ended the books publication on this site!

If you desire to read the entire book, with 78 chapters and possibly a sequel, read it on Wattpad!

Find my profile. @yelling_nothing

And simply add my book to your library allowing you to read offline 24/7.

Find out what happens between Nick and Kaitlin through MSK, and their life in college with the book T GM. I won't tell you what the TGM stands for just yet!

Please vote and comment on my book, which was an edited version and written version of the following Asian films

The book, and "American" version of Mischievous Kiss

@ = on Netflix

Japanese Film. "Love In Tokyo," @

Korean Film. "Playful kiss," @

Anime. "Itazura na Kiss."

Thai film "Kiss Me."

Taiwanese Film "Kiss in Miss," @

Taiwanese film "It Started with a Kiss"

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