Car Radio (twentyonepilots)

A story about a tested frenship between Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun.


3. demons

Tyler laid in bed. Afraid to fall asleep. He didn't want to see what tomorrow brings. He tried his hardest to keep his eyes open, but he couldn't. Before he know it he was in a another dream. About to see what tomorrow will be. He's running away from something. He doesn't know what. A gun is in his hand. He's terrified. He runs into a corner. Nothing but tall walls around him. Garbage filled the air. Whatever was chasing him came into view. It was Josh. “Tyler it's okay, I'm here for you.” “Stop it! Don't come any closer.” Josh tried to walk towards him, but he backed up into the wall. “Tyler I can help. You're not alone.” He took a step closer. Tyler raised the gun. “If you come any closer I'll shoot!” “Tyler listen to me. Put the gun down.” “No! Never!” “Tyler put the gun down.” “No you don't understand. I can't do this anymore. Blurryface is tormenting my life. If this is how tomorrow is supposed to be, then so be it.” He shot him right in the head. Tyler gasped as he woke up. He got up and paced his room. “No. No. No.” He kept repeating. “I should warn him.” Abøut what? That yøur gønna kill him? Great plan Sherløck. “What if I tell him about the dreams.” Yøu really think he's gønna believe yøu? Think løgically here, Tyler. “You're right.” He looked at the clock. It's almost four in the morning. “I guess I'm not getting any sleep tonight.” He sat at his window seat, stressing about tomorrow.

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