Car Radio (twentyonepilots)

A story about a tested frenship between Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun.


4. alone


Hey can we grab some Taco Bell?


Yea sure. B right there

Tyler got up to get changed. He saw the gun in his drawer. He took it out. He looked at it for a minute, then decided to take it with him. He went to his car, and put the gun on top of the compartment in between the two seats. He drove to his house. Tyler sat there, then realizing that the gun was out in the open. He saw Josh walking towards the car. He quickly stuffed the gun in the compartment before Josh could see he had it. “Hey Ty, sorry I was like really in the mood for some tacos.” Josh said getting in the car. “No problem.” Tyler said not looking at him. They rode in silence. Josh started banging in the dashboard again. It was the same tune as before. “Got any creative juices flowing?” Josh said. Tyler sighed. “Sometimes…quiet is violent. I find it hard to hide it my pride is no longer inside. It's in my sleeve my skin will scream reminding me…of who I killed inside my dream. I hate this car that I'm driving. There's no hiding for me. I'm forced to deal with what I feel, there is no distraction to mask what is real. I could pull the steering wheel.” He gripped the wheel harder. “I have these thoughts so often I ought to replace that slot with what I once bought cause somebody stole my car radio and now I just sit in silence.” Josh stopped banging on the dashboard. He was trying to comprehend when his friend just told him. Tyler continued. “I ponder of something terrifying cause this time there's no sound to hide behind I find over the course of our human existence one thing consists of consistence. And it's that's we're all battling fear, oh dear, I don't know if we know why we're here. Oh my, to deep please stop thinking I liked it better when my car had sound.” Tyler tried to take a deep breath but tears started streaming down his face. “Tyler!” Josh said concerned. Tyler parked the car. He put his hands in his face. He was crying uncontrollably. “Tyler what's this all about?” “Josh I have to tell you something.” “Tyler you can tell me anything.” “Ok.” He tried to take a deep breath. “I have these dreams-” Josh cut him off. “Tyler, it's okay. They're just dreams they aren't real.” “THAT'S THE PROBLEM JOSH!” Tyler shouted. Josh was stunned. Tyler never raised his voice at him. “My dreams are becoming reality. Every night I go to sleep, and the next day the exact same thing happens.” “Maybe they're just coincidences.” “I thought that at first, but they're all the same thing everyday. Josh I'm scared. I've never been more scared in my life.” “What did you dream about?” Tyler was silent. He looked at the compartment with the gun. “Tyler?” Josh said. Tyler looked up at him. He quickly grabbed the gun and ran. Josh ran after him as fast as he could. Tyler tried to find a way to outrun Josh. He ran into an alley. There was garbage everywhere. He was cornered. Tyler turned around. Josh came and stopped a few feet infront of him. “Tyler it's okay, I'm here for you.” “Stop it! Don't come any closer.” Josh tried to walk towards him, but he backed up into the wall. “Tyler I can help. You're not alone.” He took a step closer. Tyler raised the gun. “Tyler what are you doing?” Josh calmly. “I don't want to do this, but I have to.” He clicked the revolver. “Tyler this isn't you. Blurryface is controlling your thoughts and actions. I know you don't want to do this. You just have to put the gun down.” “No I can't, he won't let me.” “Tyler you are your own person. Don't let him control you.” “Josh I'm sorry. But this what tomorrow was supposed to be.” He rested his finger on the trigger. “Tyler wait. Before you do it, I have to ask you a question: why can't you rewrite history?” “Rewrite history?” There was a silence. “Rewrite history.” Tyler mumbled. He turned to gun to his own head. “Wait, Tyler what are you-?” “Rewriting history.” He said louder. “No. Tyler don't please. No. Stop please I'm begging you.” Josh started crying. “Tyler please. Don't.” “I'm sorry, but this is the only way.” “TYLER STOP!” He was too late. Tyler shot himself right in the head. To save Josh, from himself.

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