this story is half real and half fiction its about jake paul and alissa vilote were they in a releationship or friends


2. Violet's birthday

It's June 12,2016 its Alissa's Birthday

Jake: Good morning Alissa, happy birthday sexy *WINK*

Alissa: Good morning Jake , thank you *SMILE*

Jake: what are you going to do today ???

Alissa: I'm heading to the gym , did u see Ericka and Tessa they should be here now ??

Jake: They went to the gym , why?

Alissa: uhhh , we were going together, WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW???

Jake: i can give u a ride,,,,,,,*WINK*

Alissa: thank Jakyyy  *WINK*

while they were walking to the car Mark Dohner arrived to the Team Ten house . Mark is Alissa's bestfriend and they didnt see each other in awhile 

Alissa: Mark how are you , long time no see (Alissa said while hugging him tight)

Mark : i missed you baby how are you??

Alissa: I'm fine , how is life going ??

Jake: Alissa , we should go now i have to go to set.....

Alissa: Jake stop being rude 5 min. won't hurt *MAD*

Mark: where are u two going???

Jake: we are ---

suddenly Alissa interrupted Jake while he was trying to talk

Alissa : I'M going to the gym and Jake is going to drive me there .......

Mark : yooo , i can drive you to the gym 

Alissa : okay , lets go ... Jake im sorry but you are late to your set u should goo

Jake : yeah , you are right im late and i have to pick a girl up (saying in a jealous way)

then Alissa and Mark went to the gym then to the sauna then they went shopping for Alissa's birthday outfit


Meanwhile in the Team Ten house.................

Jake was talking to Chance and Anthony AKA Jake's bestfriends from Ohioo 


Chance : Brooo , chill whats wrong with you ??

Anthony : Is there anything between the two of you ???

Jake : Ehh , O-of   c-c-course not w-what are y-you talking a-about  ( said in a nervous way )

Chance : you are falling in love madly , Broo 

Anthony : yoo Broo , you should tell her 


Chance and Anthony : yes , you are


After 2 hours the hole squad were in the Team Ten house waiting for Alissa to comeback home and surprise her and have fun 

meanwhile at Mark's apartment.............

Mark : yooo , Alissa are u ready ?

Alissa : 5 more min. please....

the deal was mark has to tell Alissa they are going out for dinner but Mark will take her to the team ten house for her birthday surprise 

Alissa : im ready lets go

Mark : wow , you look amazing 

Alissa : thank you Mark , you look good too *BLUSHING*


on there way Alissa was wondering why Mark was driving in the wrong way but when they arrived at the Team Ten house she was curious about what are they doing at the Team Ten house 

Alissa : what the hell are we doing here??

Mark : I-I-I f-forgot your present h-here this morning.....

Mark : soo im going to grab it , why dont you come with me??

Alissa : yeah , sure , why not??

Then they walked to the front door Alissa was wondering why were all the lights off but she didnt think about her surprise then they opened the door it was very dark then Alissa turned on the lights , when suddenly ..........


and they all started clapping and snapchatting and Alissa was surprised and very happy then she shouted 


then they started dancing and singing because Alissa WAS FINALLY 20 YEARS OLD 

Jake : HEY , ALISSA , OVER HERE (shouting because of the crowd )

Alissa waked to Jake wondering why did he wanted her 

Alissa : yeah , Jake what do u want 

Jake was going to tell her about his feeling 

Jake : Alissa u-umm i-i have fe-----

when suddenly Amanda Cerny and Inanna wanted to give her her present

Alissa : Jake we will talk about what you wanted tomorrow ......

then she left him he was so mad because he was about to tell her the truth , but he couldn't 

All the night was good but suddenly Jake got drunk and kissed a girl , while Alissa was walking she spotted him kissing a girl she felt sad then she tried to ignore it and complete the night and then they will talk about it in the morning ...........




end of chapter 2


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