this story is half real and half fiction its about jake paul and alissa vilote were they in a releationship or friends


1. Team Ten

one day jake paul desided to travel to LA and begin his youtube business .

then when he started making friendships in LA he desided to make a team named (Team Ten) then he signed some young boys and 1 girl named Alissa violet . 

alissa was the love of his life they lived together in Ohioo and grew up together and he bagged her to sign in the Team Ten because she was his chidhood friend and what she didnt really notice that he was in love with her they lived in a mansion in LA CA and Jake Pauls brother his name is Logan Paul was in LA too but he wasnt in the Team Ten.

Team Ten members :::   Jake Paul   Alissa Violet   Lucas Dobre  Marcus Dobre   Aj Mitchelle   Tessa Brooks   Ericka Costel  Alex Lange   Neels Visser   Tristan Tales   Emilio Martinez   Ivan Martinez   Stan Gerards 

these are the Team Ten members in the story we will know more about each member in Team Ten


Hope you enjoyed chapter 1 

chapter 2 will be up in 5th May 

thank you so much for reading 

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