Dear Sarah

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23. This is a special chapter right here so listen up, kids

I just started listening to this band today and I have never fell in love with music so fast before. I wish I could have you listen to their entire self-titled album (it's the absolute best), but instead I'll leave you with this uplifting jam from it.

"Unstoppable" by Foxy Shazam


Dear Sarah,

This is my last day of school, and I only have one exam left at the point I am writing this. I was exempt from all but three of my exams (it takes a 93% average for the entire year to be exempt in a class). Somehow, I managed to not completely not care about school this year, although that proved to be rather difficult. I took my first AP class, yet I won't know the score I got on the AP exam (it can't be good) until some time in July. Next year will be AP gov, which I hear is insanely easier then APUSH. Then, senior year will be AP literature and AP European history.

side note: seriously I'm listening to Foxy right now, and if you get into anything that is featured in these stories, it needs to be them. Listen through their self-titled album from 2010.

I went to my brother's graduation on Sunday, and that only made me even more ready to graduate myself. I can't bring myself to live another two years with my petty dad. He took my phone, drums, and banned me from driving last night just because I rolled my eyes. He never really grounds me so that was very odd.

You know almost everything about me and everything you have missed out on, so I feel as if I have nothing more to right. Still, life goes on and more things will be brought to mind. I only hope I will have the opportunity to share these things (stupid taboo) with you.

My tablet must be turned in today for updates, so I won't be back for about a month if I find no way to log on before that. I am sure I won't. I'll let you know what I've done when I return, unless of course you still haven't read any of this. In that case, I will write no more. That would be a shame, as this has eased my mind. Conversations aren't all that great when they're one sided, though.

I do have plans for the next month. I'm trying to figure out how to make video drum covers, and possibly begin a YouTube channel. Still, I don't have the equipment to properly record both visuals and audio. It would kill me if I didn't try, though.


One last thing before I go: Please do not think that I am in trouble or suicidal or anything like that. Yeah, I'm not happy but I have things in my life that I still could not bear to leave. Suicide is not an option and neither is self-harm, so please do not think that is something I would do. I'm aware things I have said in this story may seem dangerous or threatening to myself, but do not worry about those. I only want to send a message to you, as I am desperate and drowning in loneliness. Thank you very much for reading, and I hope you have found your own happiness. Happiness is fragile, and friends even more so. Never take anything for granted, and never let things go so easy. You were my best friend, and you always will hold a place in my heart. I needed this, I needed the closure. I think I have somewhat found it, so thank you. Good luck, life is rough.


may twenty-fourth


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