Dear Sarah

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22. Sometimes I'm back in time others I'm not there at all

This song has to have influence from The Rolling Stones. Remember all that "Harry looks like Mick Jagger," well now he's captured that classic Stones sound. This song brings a new chapter to the story of the album, and I hope you truly appreciate it as much as I do.

"Only Angel" by Harry Styles


Dear Sarah,

I absolutely hate pop music. It's full of shallow or already heard words. None of it is more than "getting the girl" or some stupid shit like that. Not saying that it's all like that, but you get the point. I do however, love the turn Harry Styles has made. I can't bring myself to listen to One Direction these days, unless for nostalgia's sake. Still, I love the influence of classic rock being brought into the passion of his music. It's not pop, no, but I feel that many pop fans will listen to it due to the man behind the

Sometimes I'm not good with words at all. You might have noticed I have become much more casual with my writing to you, and honestly I don't have enough energy to change that. School is days from being completed and my mind has essentially shut off. I have to turn my tablet in for a month for updates and repairs, so I may not write all too much.


may twenty-fourth

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