Dear Sarah

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12. Science and I have a love/hate relationship

This song is pretty obvious in its meaning. It repeats the phrase "we'll all float on alright" which is something that is simple but a message that has helped me out in some rough times.

"Float On" by Modest Mouse


Dear Sarah,

In the last chapter, I provided you with a secret that I have yet to trust with another person. Still, I do not know if I even can trust you with this. For all I know, you have already shared all my supposed secrets. That is the risk I took, and I would not choose again. I can't expect you to keep my trust, as I lost that privilege through my incompetent actions.
I would like to take a few words to explain that I am sorry for putting all of this information on you. This is none of your issue, and still I am almost using curiosity to my advantage to ensure my own desires are fulfilled. However, if you don't want to read but would also rather ease your curiosity, please, please just put something simple in the comments. Even a "stop" would make the message clear.
Again, I'm sorry, and I understand how this could be rough to read. You have your life, and I have mine. They should not cross in such a depressing way. I'm sorry. It must be weird for you, as you never saw me this way. I'm vulnerable and desperate. You only saw me as an ignorant goof who couldn't seem to let people know her emotions or wouldn't get too close to anyone. And when I did, I fled. Not gracefully, either. I brought you down to a level that I shouldn’t have. I'm sorry.


may ninth

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