Dear Sarah

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27. Salt looks like sugar

Dear Sarah,

Sorry it has taken me some time to post a reply. I read your last chapter not long after it was posted, but was unable to reply because I didn't have my laptop with me. Something rough happened the other night so my mom has been staying home with me the past couple of days, so it has been hard to find time to write to you at all. My head's a mess so I won't write much but at least I'm writing something. 

No, I definitely am not ready to say goodbye. I wasn't ready and that's why I wrote to you. I would like to earn your trust back, no matter how long of a wait that may be. I understand how it is hard to learn to trust a person who has hurt you before. I still don't trust people in my life who have hurt me. It's never easy, but with some people it may be a lot easier than you think. Strong connections never fully go away, and with time to heal, it might be a quick process to getting things back to where they should be. I think if we keep talking, slowly, everything will repair itself. I'm totally up for that. 

I don't know whether it would be better to talk through text or on here or what. Definitely a much slower process on here. I don't even know if you still have my number or if you deleted it. I think I told you to delete it which sucks. But if you do still have it, go ahead and text me. If you want to talk on here for a while first then transition into text and whatever comes after that, then that's perfect too. Let me knowww


july sixth

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