Dear Sarah

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9. Monroe, I too have found my Era of Good Feelings

This song is by one of my all-time favorite bands, and it features an amazing compilation of instruments that perfectly compliment each other.

"Rock and Roll" by Led Zeppelin


Dear Sarah,

It's easy to call someone in a severe emotional state crazy. It's easy, and everyone seems to take the easier 'routes' in life no matter the potential outcome. It's strange, how humans work. History however, has proven that those who take the beaten path end with what they aspire to be given. Is that a good thing, though? Sometimes that comes with Fame, Fortune; words that are often thought to be detrimental. They are. Not like complex people like you and me, no. We often may find it hard to drift from a state of content and seek the Fame and strive for Fortune. I know this is something I have personally experienced, and in honesty I still do. I'm getting (there's that horrible word again) very distracted right now so it is getting (honestly could whoever the hell came up with these filler words not think of anything better) difficult to write. I am at school still, after hours. The library is closed so I'm stuck in the lobby with the lot of freshman and a dead phone. I assume this is the basis of horror films. I've gotten into horror films actually over the past couple of years. I know I was like some frightened animal when I tried at your house, but actually I was living up to what I had built myself to be. I acted different than myself when I was with my friends, or was that who I really am? If I act one way with my family, and another with friends, how am I to know which is the real me? Is there a real me, or are they all separate, symbiotic parts to the basis of my mind. How am I to know?

I've taken up some new instruments in the past couple of years. First came from a thrift store that no longer exists. My dad, sister, and I had just gone to Scene75 (only because I had no others to go with) and we still had time left to kill before wherever it was we had to be next. So, we decided to check out the thrift store right next to Scene75. When you walk in, there's just rows and rows that have stuff piled on top. Still, these rows were organized into sections. At some point or another I made my way to the section that held a variety of musical instruments. There was an assortment of cases and instruments, some damaged. There was only one of these I became almost instantly attached to, and it was a simple soprano ukulele that was in a yellow-brown crosshatch case. It was horribly tuned and chipped on some sides, but this had no real effect on my want for it. I left it for a second to inform my dad of this newfound love, and turned again to see it in the arms of another. Sorrow filled me and the thoughts of grandeur fled my mind. And then, he set it back in the case and walked from it. This time, I gave no rest to taking it with me. I was able to pay a mere $20 for the both.

Later I would come back and purchase a concert ukulele from the very same place. Also later, this place would close. I just realized I do not want to go into the details. I feel that is the only way to convey my point, still. I used to wonder what it meant when people would say "this musician saved my life," or even as broad as "music saved my life." I hadn't felt that true meaning before. Maybe I'll lose that meaning again-

I played the ukulele for a long while. I still do of course. Then, I moved to guitar and tried learning as much as I could on that. It wasn't easy and I still haven't even tried much. I quickly moved from that and now spent over $600 on my first drum set. I got that a couple of weeks ago, and have been brought immense joy. They're fun, challenging, and let me get completely lost in them for hours on end. I will keep with this until the next.

There's more to add to that but I'm growing tired and my eyes weak, so I'll end there. The AP exam is tomorrow morning and I am far from prepared, and due to my recent lack of motivation, I doubt I will even cram for the test. Some of my grades are dropping, others staying the same. Somehow, I manage to be exempt from all but three of my exams (discluding (parentheses inside a parentheses but discluding is not a word I just seem to think it is and will continue to use it) the apush one).

Thank you-


may fourth

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