Dear Sarah

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20. Men At Work came on so there's no better time to write

This song has to have influence from The Rolling Stones. Remember all that "Harry looks like Mick Jagger," well now he's captured that classic Stones sound. This song brings a new chapter to the story of the album, and I hope you truly appreciate it as much as I do.

"Only Angel" by Harry Styles


Dear Sarah,

I absolutely hate when people use song quotes as captions to their own lives. I can see a person relating to a song, as I often do, but I'd rather use my own words to narrate the perils or adventures my life brings. I absolutely hate cleshay, straightforward songs. I love metaphors, especially in songs. I live for the "deeper meaning" of music. I assume that's why I absolutely hate pop music. It's full of shallow or already heard words. None of it is more than "getting the girl" or some stupid shit like that. I do, however, love the turn Harry Styles has made. I can't bring myself to listen to One Direction these days, unless for nostalgia's sake. Still, I love the influence of classic rock being brought into the passion of his music. Listen for that deeper meaning, Sarah. That sounds like a cleshay and that just kills me but I don't know how to explain it. It will change your life and you will never look at music the same. It changed mine, and now music is more than something to uplift me, but something to live by.


may nineteenth

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