Dear Sarah

why does this have so many views


3. Is this what they call a disclaimer

I'm afraid of this journal. Where will it go and whose minds will it enter? I hate not knowing things more than anything in the world. I have to now the outcome before I attempt the cause. Which, sadly is almost never the case. My worry is you will read this, then maybe show it to your mom or parents. Then, beyond that it could warrant some sort of communication with my mom. That would be just horrible. My hope is if you aren't sure about this, please, please just click away. I'll continue to write to ease my mind, but you don't have to read. Like I said, I cannot force you. However, your curiosity might. It often has a way of doing that. Or maybe if you'd rather me stop writing this, then please tell me that, and I will take it down. Your choice. I realize how odd this must be for you. You don't want to hear this. My hope is you're happy. And if you are, hearing this won't help that. That is all. Thank you.

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