Dear Sarah

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19. I know this will never come true but I'm some sort of dreamer; still

This song just came on while I was writing this (off of my favorite songs playlist) so yeah here it is, another rock classic.

"All Day and All of The Night" by The Kinks


Dear Sarah,

My last day of exams is May twenty-fourth, so only a few more days of both extended pain and simple distraction. I'm excited for summer, where I can forget about my attempts to impress the shallow youth at school or covering my insecurities. Before the start of last summer, my grandparents had bought a house right on a lake about an hour from here. The lake is manmade, but still very large. Their house is off to one of the coves, but once you leave the cove, you can do tubing, waterskiing, etc. They made a lot of changes to the house and yard, so the place is really beautiful. There is also a shit ton of kayaks and a paddleboard. I'm excited for it to be warm enough to go, although my only company again will be family.

My brother is planning on inviting his "best friend" who is basically his girlfriend, but I won't go into that now. So, now I won't even have my brother to escape the adults and small kids with. I had thought of bringing friends of my own, but still we aren't really all that close and it might be awkward to spend an entre day or two with the. You probably would like the lake, as I know how much you liked to swim. You can swim right off the dock and she has a giant float for that water and this thing called a 'lilypad.'

I keep thinking what it would be like if two years ago we had that place to go to during the summer. It would've been amazing as hell. There's a little store within the community that is in walking distance for food, snacks, drinks, or ice cream and a really nice pool with a slide and diving board. I wish you could've seen it, as that's where I'll be spending the majority of my summer.

My grandma had a camper too because there are camping grounds out there and we camped out quite a few times. She sold the camper, though. That bums me out, but I'll just set up a tent in the big yard. My ultimate wish is to just invite a bunch of people out there and have a grand time, but that isn't happening anytime soon.


may seventeenth 

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