Dear Sarah

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7. How could I forget more like how could I not

This song has a musical genius and superstar behind it, and the lyrics really bring a sense of just letting go and doing whatever the hell you want. "I do whatever the hell I want" is kind of a recent motto of mine.

"Live and Let Die" by Paul McCartney.


Dear Sarah,

I just published the last chapter and what do you know more seemingly pointless crap comes to my head. It's not pointless, though. This will be super short I swear. I shouldn't swear, I often break those things. The best friend book!! I still have that! It's in my desk. You made that for one of my birthdays, remember? It's filled with some pretty good pictures of us. That makes me think of the pillowcase I made you. I'm sure that's all messed up at this point, as the stuff rubbed off easy. I'd like to not get off topic because I really have homework to be doing, and studying to attend to. I have the pictures from both of the Snowball dances. I look so bad in the first, I'm wondering how my mom let me go out like that. The next year, however, was much better. I had my hair down, which I like. I can't stand to have it up on any occasion. The dress was a thousand times better, and so was the company.

The next chapter will be something I think of often, and my brain is much too tired to write about it now. You often guessed on it, and I would get defensive because this was something I was struggling with at the time. It was something I was getting some, I guess I would call it, firsthand experience. You guessed it (or maybe you didn't) next I'll go over the wonderfully excruciating world of






just kidding


may third

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