Just some thougths


2. Butterflies


I was sitting in the train.

Ready to see you again.

My stomach was filled with butterflies.

Small, happy butterflies.

The train stopped.

It was my station.

The station you and i we're going to meet.

I walked to the door.

Pushed the button.

Pushed the button again and again and again.

It wouldn't open.

The door wouldn't open.

I Pushed the button so hard and so many times.

My fingers started hurting.

I ran through the train.

There were so many People in the train.

I couldn't come through the crowd.

And i wouldn't lose you.

I Saw an open door.

I was so happy.

I jumped out of the train.

Trying to spot you.

And Then i Saw you in the crowd.

I couldn't help smiling.

And the butterflies was Suddenly gone.

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