A story where a girl named Arianna Smith was new to Lovejoy High School and falls in love with a boy named Alex Osborne.


2. Chapter 2

Arianna was now in Math class with a bored expression. She absolutely hated Math. She never understood a thing from that class.

Arianna sighed and stared at the clock. She was desperate to leave for next period.

"Boring, Isn't it?" Arianna heard a girl with a British accent whisper to her.

Arianna looked to her left and saw a girl with short turquoise (obviously dyed) pixie hair and green eyes. She was very pretty.

"Yeah, Super" Arianna nodded, giggling a bit.

The girl also giggled then stretched her hand out for Arianna to shake, "I'm Isabelle" She smiled.

Arianna smiled back and shook Isabelle's hand, "I'm Arianna. Pleased to meet you"

"Pleased to meet you as well" Isabelle smiled, "Are you new here? I've never seen you around before..."

"Yeah, I'm new. Just started today. I wanted to have a fresh start, meet new people and meet up with my best friend since childhood here" Arianna nodded with a smile.

"Oh~ That's good!" Isabelle grinned.

Then, the bell rang.

Arianna and Isabelle both grabbed their things and left the class. Fortunately, They both had the same classes together so they could sit together in every class and talk quietly. Arianna knew she and Isabelle would become great friends.

Then all of a sudden, Arianna bumped into someone while walking.

"Sorry!" Arianna squeaked, feeling completely embarrassed for not watching where she was going.

"No, No, It's fine. I should be sorry" A male voice said and Arianna froze.

She was very shy with boys.

Arianna slowly looked up and looked at the boy. He had brown hair, brown chocolate eyes, tan skin... He was... Wow.

Arianna couldn't even describe how handsome the boy was.

She blushed, noticing that she had been staring at him. She quickly looked down. "S-S-Sorry..." She stuttered, blushing even more.

The boy chuckled, "It's fine" He smiled. He then stretched his hand out for her to shake, "I'm Alex, and you?"

Arianna slowly looked up and smiled, the blush still formed on her cheeks. "U-Um... I'm Arianna" She shook his hand.

"You must be new here. I've never seen a face like yours around here" Alex grinned down at her.

"Yeah, I am.." Arianna slowly nodded.

"Cool..." Alex said and an awkward took over them. That was until Isabelle decided to break the ice, "Arianna, Come on! We have to go!" She said pulling Arianna away from Alex.

"I'll see you around!" Alex said to Arianna and Arianna could only look back at him and smile, nodding.

"You will!"

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