A story where a girl named Arianna Smith was new to Lovejoy High School and falls in love with a boy named Alex Osborne.


1. Chapter 1

"Bye, Mom" Arianna said as she grabbed her backpack and got out of the car.

As her mother drove away, Arianna stared at the school in front of her.

Lovejoy High School.

She only wanted to attend this school for two reasons. 1. She was sick of all the problems she had in her old school and wanted to have a fresh start and 2. Her best friend since childhood studies here.

She wanted to start off new and this time, she wanted to be free from problems and meet new people.

She knew running away from her problems was a very weak thing for her to do, But what else could she do?

Arianna took a deep breath and sighed before walking into the school.

The school was huge. It wasn't like Arianna's old school. Her school was more tiny than Lovejoy High.

"Ari!!" Arianna heard a familiar voice yell. She turned around and saw none other than her best friend since childhood, Lisa.

Lisa ran to Arianna and hugged her tightly making Arianna giggle. "I missed you, Babes! How have you been? Has Issac talked to you? I hope not! He's an asshole! He's an idiot!"

Arianna giggled, trying to ignore the fact that Lisa had mentioned her cheating ex boyfriend, Issac.

"I've been great! I hope you've been doing well to. I missed you as well! And no, he hasn't talked to me so be glad about it" Arianna smiled as she pulled away from the hug to look at her best friend.

"Ahem..." Lisa and Arianna turned to see Lisa's other best friend, Jessica. "I'm right here" Jessica said pointing to herself.

Lisa rolled her eyes playfully and laughed a bit. "Sorry, Jess. I forgot to introduce you. Arianna, This is Jessica. Jessica, This is Arianna"

"Nice to meet you" Arianna gave Jessica a small smile.

"Nice to meet you too" Jessica grinned. Then suddenly, the bell rang making Lisa and Jessica groan.

"We better get to class" Lisa pouted. She looked at Arianna, "You should get your schedule. I hope a cute boy gets to show you around" Lisa winked playfully at Arianna and laughed when she saw Arianna blush. "See you at lunch time!" Lisa waved goodbye to Arianna and left to class with Jessica.

"Bye..." Arianna waved back goodbye to Lisa and Jessica. She then sighed and made her way to the office.

Maybe changing schools wasn't a bad idea. Arianna knew she wouldn't have any problems here.

For now, at least.

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