Lucky Bad Luck

She is lucky wherever she goes but you can’t say that about people around her. If someone survives near her, it’s a success. He, on the other hand, is one unlucky guy, who has all world’s bad luck. One day these two meet. Who will be the first to fall in love? … or run away?


1. Sorry I almost killed you

Lisa had all the luck she needed. Big and loving house, good grades at the university, great personality, style and looks. She lacked only one: friends.

She easily made new friends, but no one could stay with her longer than few days. Why? Although she was lucky, you couldn’t say that about people around her. Whatever she did, she was lucky to avoid it, but it struck the person with her. So, if you were a businessman on your way to an important meeting and Lisa was walking in front of you, most likely you would get soaked in dirty water coming from the balcony, even though she was supposed to end like that. Or when you were going through the pedestrian crossing on the green light and Lisa was near you, she would safely reach the other side of the street, while you were hit by a madman, who suddenly drove on the red light. But not only physical harm had people around her.

Once she had a boyfriend. They’d met at the university and incredibly fast fell in love. That was the longest time she had a friend and a boyfriend in one. They lasted together two weeks. He accepted her strange luck and tried to help her but one day his life became mess. His mother passed away in an accident, his father’s business collapsed and he lost all his documents. That happened in one day. He was frustrated and said it was all Lisa’s fault, and he left her. Lisa then believed that she really was ruining every life and stopped looking for friends.

“Mommy, am I bad girl?” she asked once her mother, when she was nine.

“Why do you think that?”

“Everyone is afraid of me. Did I do something bad?”

Mother patted her head and smiled lightly. “No, you didn’t do anything bad. No one just deserves you. Don’t worry, someday you’ll meet someone who’ll love you no matter who you are.”

Thirteen years had passed since then and Lisa grew up as a happy and clever young woman. Although she was wealthy, she did a lot of various things – part-time jobs, volunteer work, events. She just – as you can guess – didn’t last long doing that. But she accepted that and gave herself at most week for each of the activities.

“Hi, Lisa!”

“Hello, young lady!”

“How are you today?”

“Is your mother feeling alright now?”

Lisa smiled and waved at every familiar person she encountered during her morning jogging. Neighbors liked her. To be honest, everyone liked her as long as they didn’t get close to her or spend with her too much time. She enjoyed that, because she knew nothing could be changed. Like her favorite book character said, ‘life is short and difficult, so use your strength to make it longer and easier’. She smiled wider, turned up the music and speeded up.

Lisa loved the city more in the morning. It looked so fresh and seemed less busy than usually. As every day she passed her favorite library but today she turned back to check the new books.

“Hello, Lisa!” the owner shouted happily at her sight.

“Hello, Mr. Hong.” She looked around, fixing her gaze at the shelf with the newest bestsellers.

“It’s not here,” Mr. Hong said.

“I know…” Lisa muttered sadly.

“And you know that so far the series wasn’t the bestseller.”

“It should be,” Lisa said. “He deserves it.”

“Do you even know his real identity?”

“Nope. But that doesn’t matter. I love how he writes.”

Mr. Hong sighed and returned to his job. Lisa smiled and left the library.

During her jogging only two incidents happened, which was a good result. If there weren’t more than three, it was a success. The first one was an accidently pushed down flower pot, which didn’t hit her, or others, just scared off the dog that was following her. The second one was a little more dangerous, because one of the workers fell into a hole in a road, when she passed them, but thankfully his coworkers threw him a rope and saved him.

As Lisa was going back home, she had the third incident. It happened next to the clothing store, where the windows were being cleaned. She was just passing an ordinary boy, who was holding a likely heavy box, when the bucket with water fell on the balcony, on which the worker was cleaning, and the water fell on the boy like a waterfall.

Lisa stopped, hearing the splash even through her earphones, and turned around. The boy was standing without moving, as if the water froze him. Lisa in a second understood what just happened and jumped to the boy, “I’m sorry! Are you okay?”

The boy wiped his face with wet sleeve, which wasn’t effective, and smiled with words, “I’m fine, thank you.”

He was just about to leave, when he suddenly tripped over a skateboard, that appeared next to his feet out of nowhere. He let go of the box and fell on his face. Thankfully he managed to avoid the broken nose.

“I’m so sorry!” Lisa groaned and wanted to leave but she was too worried, although the incident would end if she left.

“Why are you sorry for?” the boy asked, stood up, and took the box, as if nothing happened.

“I –” Lisa stopped, seeing something terrifying above him. “LOOK OUT!”

And she threw herself at him, saving from the new glass, that was planned to be replaced in the store. They rolled few meters and stopped.

Lisa took a deep breath and looked at the shattered glass. Onlookers started gathering.

“Oh, thank God!” Lisa gasped and wanted to lie down, when she realized she was sitting on that boy, who was looking at her more scared than when the glass nearly killed him.

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