World of Spirits

Jessii Vee fanfiction enjoy!


1. Chapter 1

       It was 3:00 a.m. Just before sunrise. Jessii understood what this meant. 3:00 was known as the witching hour ( this means that at 3 am , ghosts can come into contact with humans.) Jessii knew that from the day she moved into the house, that it was haunted. Things would be organized when she left and when she came back , they were scattered about. There were many events that occurred in the house that she simply couldn't explain. Jessi was in her bed , terrified. Her closet door was wide open.
       All of a sudden, she saw a thin, white, bony , hand on her closet door. The minute the clock struck 4:00, the hand pulled away. She got up and walked to her closet. "Who are you?", she asked in fear. A shadow of her appeared. " I'm your spirit." , the ghost replied. "Whether or not you believe it, you died in a car wreck. You did not know you were dead, but you became a ghost.  You simply went on with life… but as a ghostly being. your state of mind remained normal." "Wha… What? T…That's not possible!" Jessii felt confused and all of a sudden, Jessii was gone. 

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