Life is full of twist and turns. Life is full of the unexpected. Around every corner is a mystery. Something unexpected happens when a door is turned. A queen is born to parents who want a son but what she gives them is what they've always wanted for England. A strong leader that knows exactly what's she's doing.


1. The Whole Story

I was born for greatness, I was destined to rule fair and just. My life was never easy but my job was the most important in our realm. I was queen; I ruled over the peasants, the lords, the ladies, the nobles and the small children. Everyone would bow as I crossed their path and follow me to sanctuary. I was saved when I was fourteen and soon people in my kingdom became more and more like God. It pleased my heart to know that the people loved me so much.

         The night was dark and a single star hung in the sky as my mother labored for hours to deliver the kingdom an heir. My father paced the halls waiting for the cry of his son. My mother labored to give him his son. Fireworks were prepared to shoot of the second the cry went out. I was delivered and my cry echoed throughout the kingdom and blessed the ears of all who were near to hear. The nurse took a hold of me and cried praises to the Lord.

         The fireworks shot off and people rejoiced at the birth of their prince. Then the nurses finished cleaning my off and she lowered her head and began apologizing.

“I’m sorry your majesty. I should’ve told you sooner. You have a daughter.”

         With that my mother lowered her head and spoke in a weak voice.

“Take her away, raise her as your own. She’s not worthy to become queen.”

“Won’t you name your daughter?”
“No I don’t want anything to do with her.”

         I didn’t get to meet either one of my parents until I was three weeks old and they had to dedicate me as queen. You see the day I was born I had hurt my mother really bad. My mother couldn’t bear any more children. She was stuck with me and she and Father were forced to acknowledge me as their daughter and their queen. God had sent me for a reason and well that’s another story.

         In the church, Mother held me in her arms and stood in front of the altar, she stood in front of the kingdom. They all smiled as they saw me coming up the aisle behind my father and snuggled in my mama’s arms. Mother held me and raised me up for them to see. Every knee was bowed and all of them were bowing to God.

“Her name is Rebecca, for she is the knotted cord that will cause trouble but will be a good queen.”

“Praise God!”

“Yes praise God for giving me a daughter!”

         Mother brought my head to her chest and she held me tight. She held my head in her hand and cradled me with all her love. She looked at me with her bright green eyes and stared into my green ones.

“Oh Rebecca, your grandmother Anne would be so happy.”


“Yes Robert?”

“Are you telling our darling Rebecca about Anne Boleyn?”

“Yes she deserves to know about her grandmother. My mother was the best Queen, England had ever seen. I am following in her footsteps and Rebecca will do the same thing.”

“Well Lizzie, shouldn’t Bex be given back to her nurse?”

“Robert, I want to raise my daughter. She’s the only one I have.”

“No Elizabeth, you will not. You will not.”

         My father snatched me from my mother and handed me off to a nurse. I watched from the nurse’s arms and watched as Prince Consort Robert drug my mother away from me. That day Father took my mother away from my life forever. I never forgave my father; even after his death I never forgave him. I didn’t even forgive the day I got saved. I knew I had too but I didn’t. He died when I was sixteen and I regret a whole lot but I’ll see him in Heaven. I’ve forgiven him now I have to; I am after all the Queen of England.

15 years later…

         “O Rebecca, your royal highness. You have a royal visitor.”

“Who is it?”
“It’s your highness’s mother, the Queen Elizabeth.”

“What does she want?”

“To invite you to the Christmas gathering like every year.”

         I stand up from my chair and fix my blue satin dress. The corset was a bit tighter than normal. I ran a brush through my hair and quickly pinned it up into a bun. I tossed on my diamond tiara and let the maid opened the door. Mother found me sitting by a lamp and reading a book. I was reading the bible. She smiled at me and bowed, I nodded. I stood and bowed as well. Then I sat back down and put away the holy word of God.

“Rebecca, you weren’t expecting me were you?”

“How can you tell?”

“Your hair is sloppily pinned and your tiara is lopsided.”

“I love you Mother.”

“I love you too Rebecca. How is life in your own palace?”

“Let’s see, I have a castle full of servants. I live ten miles away from you in all directions and what’s more I visit you three times a week.”

“So you’re settling in well?”

“I’ve been here for two years!”

“ I’m here to apologize. I didn’t raise you. I only visited you once a day well almost everyday. When you turned 13 your father put you away.”

“He says he doesn’t want the men in court to hurt his little girl. He’s just ashamed that I will be queen after his death. Go on Mother go home, I shall see you at the Fall Festival, the Christmas Celebration, New Year’s Party, My birthday celebration, Easter, Spring and Summer Carnivals. Goodbye Mother.”

“Your father is dying.”

         I stared at her and started breathing heavily. My father was dying but I wasn’t ready to become queen. I didn’t want my father to die. When I was growing up I barely ever saw him.  I didn’t want to lose my daddy. I refused to let my daddy go. I look down at my dress and try to stop worrying.  Then I stare up at my mother and say with all the anger in me.

“You come to invite me to a Christmas Party and then say my father’s dying. Anything else you would like to add Elizabeth?”
“Did you just call me by my full name?”

“Yes Elizabeth I did.”

“Your father also wanted me to tell you that you’re getting married on your 16th birthday.”


         Mother stood up; her green eyes were brimming with tears and her red hair lost its glow. I stood up opened the door and let her walk through. I then slammed the door behind her and went back to sitting on my chair. A few moments passed and Mother’s carriage was pulling up to take her home. I wouldn’t see her till Christmas and that was two weeks away.   Mother’s carriage slowly pulled away and I shouted out the window.

         The carriage came to a stop and I ran down the stairs and down the halls and out the castle door. Mother opened the carriage door and looked at me with a meek expression on her face. I climbed in and gave her the biggest hug I had ever given her in my entire life. She didn’t know how to react to my hug. I smiled and sat down on the seat. We sat in silence for a moment before I tried to strike up conversation. I had just hurt the woman who almost died to give me life.

“Do you want to go inside?”

“I thought you wanted me out of your life.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

“I forgive you, this is the first time you’ve done this so okay. Let’s go inside.”

         I climbed out of the carriage and helped Mother out. She wore a big headband and a bow in her hair. The bow was black and it matched her white and black dress. Compared to my blue one, I looked older.

“Mama, I like your dress.”

“Your grandmother Queen Anne owned one like this when I was a little child. I was two she died shortly after.”

“I don’t know what I would do if you died. I don’t know what I’ll do when Father dies.”

         By that time we were back in my chambers and my ladies were serving us tea and biscuits. It wasn’t even teatime yet. I had picked up my embroidery and was working on the piece while Mother read a nice lovely book. I glanced up and her and found her staring out the window. This time between us reminded me of when I was younger and we would do this everyday. I was ten when we started teatime together. I didn’t want it to end.

“Is Father really dying?”

“Your father fell ill last Sunday. We were sitting in church and he was clutching his chest. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and he fainted. He’s in bed, I don’t know if he’ll die or not.”

“ Mother, I’m not ready to be the queen of England.”

“I know you aren’t Rebecca. I wasn’t ready either. Who said anything about you becoming Queen? Your father isn’t the king.”

“I just assumed.”

“Rebecca darling you really must stop assuming things.”

“Elizabeth darling you really must stop assuming things.”

“Are you mocking me?”
“No Mother, I am not mocking you.”

         I was totally sassing my mother. I knew I shouldn’t. God was very angry with me every time I mocked my mother. As Mother drones on and on I silently ask the Lord to forgive my sass talk to my mother.

“So I’m to be married on my 16th birthday?”
“Yes you are to be married on your 16th birthday.”

“What is his name and why am I marrying a man I’ve never met?”
“You’ll meet him at the Christmas Celebration. Your betrothal ceremony shall take place after New Year’s.”
“I thought I was still marrying Alfredo”

“You silly girl! Don’t you remember he broke the betrothal to marry the Princess Lana and then he died?”

“I know Mother, I’m only joking. Come on tell me what’s his name?”

“The princess Lana has married the Prince Sean. They should be in attendance at Christmas, unless Lana has her child.”

“Isn’t she like 21?”

“Yes she married Fred and then Sean. “

“Sean married Lady Tanya.”

“Lady Tanya died in childbirth, as did Sean’s son Flynn.”

“Tell me then Mother, who has our lord set aside for me to marry.”

“You are to marry Joseph Arraign.”

“Aren’t the Arraign family peasants?”
“No darling Joseph comes from a long line of nobility. His family owns part of India. You’re marrying him for Indian territory.”

“Why do we want India?”

“Joseph has told us that India is full of wealth and riches.”

“How old is Lord Arraign?”

“He’ll be 21 his birthday.”

“Mother when I marry I want to marry for love. You did it and Anne Boleyn did it. Why can’t I marry for love?”

“Because Rebecca you need alliances. You’re young and you didn’t go through all the turmoil of life that I went through.”

“So I’m getting married next April on the 24th?”

“Yes we will begin making your dress after New Years.”

         Christmas rolled around and I arrived to the palace wearing a lovely white and red gown. The gown was the color of blood and had white lace covering it.  I wore my reddish brown hair in a chignon and wore a silver tiara to top it all off. Everyone had already arrived and I came in last but on time.

“Her Royal Highness Princess Rebecca.”

         I walked in and everyone bowed or curtseyed. Father took my hand and took off my crown. He handed me a laurel wreath of flowers and Mother came and kissed my cheek. She turned to the subjects and spoke.

“Let the celebration begin for my dear child is home at last.”

         A tall fellow came up to me and kissed my hand. He had a huge nose and his skin was quite oily. He was handsome to some but to me I could never marry a man that ugly. I would have to make due he was to be my darling husband one day.

“Princess Rebecca.”

         He took my hand and kissed it. His voice was so handsome but yet his features were disgusting. I would never ever marry a man like that and yet I couldn’t get divorced.

“Lord Arraign.”

“Please call me Joseph and I shall call you Rebecca.”

“Princess is fine for now. Please don’t call me Rebecca, I am your princess for now.”

         After he left I turned to my mother and wiped away a tear. I stared at her; I stared at father and looked back to Joseph.

“Mother, I won’t marry him. I will never marry him. He’s awful. He’s not 21. Father, I’m sorry I won’t marry him.”

“Please darling you must marry him. You must marry into the Arraign family.”

“Does he have any siblings?”

“He has a older brother named Marcus Kayne.”

“That’s so much better than Joseph.”

“Marcus was lost at sea and is now somewhere in Asia. No one can find him.”

“Will I marry Marcus when and if he comes home?”

“That is the plan. But, Rebecca don’t get your hopes up.”

         I went back to my throne and glared at the kingdom. This was mutiny, they were forcing me to marry a man I didn’t love and whom I was not capable of ever loving. I looked at Father and saw that death was hiding behind his eyes. My father was dying, my mother was worried and I was to marry Joseph for the sake of England. I didn’t want to marry Joseph but I would if I had too.

         Christmas came and went, New Years was celebrated with bonfires and roasted pig. Fireworks lit up the night sky as we rang in the New Year. Mother and Father seemed happy for once. For once the kingdom wasn’t worried about marriage, worried about they’re coming Queen or even worried about wars. England was at peace and God’s hand of power was at work.

         Then came the day of my betrothal ceremony. I was still fifteen and had not yet gone home from Mother’s castle. I would go home as soon as the ceremony was over. I would go home and wait for my wedding to arrive, I would wait for my birthday to be at hand. Mother did my hair up with a nice turquoise veil. My dress had been made and I wore it now. It was mint green and I was handed pastel flowers and escorted down the aisle. Mother cried and Father nearly died but I was to be betrothed at sunset. I walked towards Joseph and I cringed at the very sight of him. I’m sure he wasn’t that ugly but my subconscious didn’t want me marrying that ugly twerp.

“Do you Joseph Arraign take Rebecca Dudley – Tudor to be your betrothed?”

“Yes for India and for myself.”

“Do you Rebecca Dudley – Tudor take Joseph Arraign to be your betrothed?”

“For England and for God I would do anything. For your brother’s return so I can wed him, I would do anything. For the sake of my sanity I do accept you as my betrothed.”

“Then by the power of Christ I announce you two to be wed on Rebecca’s 16th birthday.”

         Joseph kissed my cheek and took my arm, we walked arm in arm back up the aisle and into the carriage. I hoped and prayed that Marcus would come back and I wouldn’t have to marry Joseph’s ugly face. I didn’t want to marry him but for the sake of England and for my sanity I would.

         I sat in the carriage and stared at his ugly face. He smiled at me and I casually smiled back.

“So tell me about your self.”

“What do you want to know?”

“You’re fifteen right?”

“Yes sixteen on the day we marry.”

“Why are you marrying me? You clearly don’t find me attractive.”

“No I don’t. I am to be queen soon, my kingdom wants me to create an alliance.”

“My brother Marcus would be a better match. Alas he vanished a few years ago.”

“How old is he now?”

“15 almost 16.”

“I don’t wish to marry you but it could work.”

“You think I’m ugly.”

“To be honest yes I do think you are hideous. You’re a beast.”

“I’m about to be your husband.”

         I looked out the window and found that we weren’t at Mother’s castle. We were at mine. I climbed out and walked inside. Joseph stayed in the carriage. I walked in, went upstairs and my maids cleaned me up. They changed me into a lovely riding dress. I tiptoed out the back and ran to the stables. I climbed upon my horse and rode off to the borders of our kingdom. I could hear Joseph calling my name but I ignored him.


         I kept riding and I rode until I could ride no more. Finally I turned back and went up to my bedroom. I lit a fire and began to read my bible, it had been a long day and I didn’t want to marry Joseph.

         I stood in my mother’s castle. It was my 16th birthday and also my wedding day. Father was getting weaker and weaker. He decided to abdicate. So after my wedding I would be queen. My coronation would take place after the wedding ceremony. I would wear my wedding dress as my coronation dress. Joseph Arraign would be my husband and everything would be at rest.

         My dress was white silk covered in white Belgian lace and tiny seed pearls. My hair was thrown up into a chignon at the nape of my neck. I wore a Belgian lace veil and a seed pearl headpiece. My flowers were pastel pink and pastel blue. Mother painted my face white and painted my lips black. My eyes were painted with charcoal and my cheeks were painted with rogue. Mother kissed my cheek before she led me to my father. He would attempt to take me down the aisle.

         Right before the church doors opened I turned to Mother and stared into her green eyes she stared into mine. Her red hair was up and tucked under her crown and thrown up in a headdress.

“Mother I can’t marry him.”

“Oh but you shall marry him.”

“I don’t want too. What about his brother?”

“The terms are you shall marry Joseph. If Marcus comes back you shall marry him. Listen keep your virginity tonight. Marcus was spotted on the western borders. With luck he’ll be your husband in a few weeks. Have patience and marry Lord Arraign.”

“I shall only marry him for England.”

“That’s a good girl.”

         Father took my arm as the church doors opened and I glanced up the never-ending aisle to find Joseph smiling with everything in his body. Father and I walked down and Father removed my veil and kissed my cheek. He passed me off to Joseph. People watched as their princess married a man she didn’t love. I wore a big fake smile and directed my attention to the preacher. Joseph took both my hands in his and stared into my eyes.

“Who gives this bride away?”

“The Church of England. As do her mother and I.”

“Do you Lord Arraign take Princess Rebecca to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

         I said a silent prayer to God and said ‘Please don’t let me marry him? I don’t want to marry a man I don’t love. Please don’t make me be his wife?’

“I do take thee Rebecca to be my lawfully wedded wife. You shall be mine forever and always.”

“Do you Princess Rebecca take Lord Arraign to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“Yes I do take Lord Arraign”

         The rings were exchanged and a kiss was shared. I expected a cold and dry kiss but what I got sent shivers up my body. I got the impulse to push him away but I just held on tighter. I hoped his brother kissed this good.

“By the power invested in me by Jesus Christ, I pronounce you husband and wife.”

         Joseph kissed me again and then broke the kiss. He handed me a box containing an emerald necklace. I stared at him and smiled. We walked back up the aisle and stared into each other’s eyes.

“Happy Birthday Bex. I love you.”

         Directly after the wedding Joseph and I walked out of the church for a few moments whilst everyone prepared for the coronation. A maid ran out and traded my veil with my crown of princess ship. Joseph kissed my hand before we walked back in. He led me to the altar where Father stood with his crown on his head. The preacher waited for me to come. I knelt down and felt the eyes of England staring at the back of my neck. The preacher lifted off my tiara and passed it on to my mother. He took Father’s crown and asked me a few questions.

“Princess Rebecca do you promise as queen to uphold the laws of England? Do you promise to love your country and fight to the death?”

“Yes I do, I promise to be a good queen and my husband Joseph at my side as Prince Consort. I promise to be a good queen and I promise to love my country.”

         The crown went down on my head and Father smiled. He had successfully passed England down to his daughter. I was handed the scepter and the orb. I stood as Mother put Father’s old cloak over my wedding dress.

“Rise Queen Rebecca. Long Live the Queen.”

“Long Live Queen Rebecca!”

         Joseph took my arm and we walked out of the church and climbed into the carriage. I stared at Joseph and didn’t try to make conversation with him at all. He just watched me from his side of the carriage and I tried to stare out the window. Finally he stood up, crossed the carriage and planted a kiss on my mouth. I was so taken by surprise that I didn’t even try to stop him. I was his wife after all so what he was doing wasn’t really against the law.

         Later that night, we were in my chambers in my castle and I had put on a long nightgown and a dressing robe. I wore my hair down and straight. He climbed into the bed and waited for me. I took a knife from the table and sliced my foot. I let a few drops of blood fall onto the white sheets and then climbed into bed with him. He just looked at me.


“Rebecca, it’s our wedding night.”

“I don’t care. I don’t want to be married to you. When your brother comes home I will marry him.”

“Well then goodbye.”

         Joseph got out of the bed and put on his robes. He quickly left the chambers and I could hear him walking in the palace. He went into his designated chambers and finally I could hear him snoring. I soon felt guilty, the man was my husband and yet I still waited for the return of his long lost younger brother. Today was my sixteenth birthday and also the day I was married, I was being selfish. He didn’t deserve a person as wicked as me. I climbed out of the bed and knelt down on the floor to pray.

‘Forgive me for being wicked and selfish. Let my husband forgive me please?’

         I got up and pulled my dressing robe tighter. I had to apologize to Joseph; I wasn’t about to ruin his wedding night for sake of my mother’s wishes. Joseph was my husband and nothing could stand in our way of being happy. I slipped on some slippers and tried not to wake up any maids as I walked down the halls. I opened Joseph’s door a crack and peeked in. He wasn’t sleeping; he was sitting in his chair and reading his bible.

         I walked in and he didn’t look up. He didn’t even acknowledge I was there. I sat at his feet and looked up at him. He kept reading his bible. I decided I would talk and he would listen if he wanted.

“Please forgive me? I’m being selfish, I understand it’s your wedding night too. My mother told me that I shouldn’t lose my virginity with you but I’m married to you. I married you today and I don’t want to marry your brother.’

‘ I don’t know what’s gotten into me today. Joseph will you find it in your heart to forgive your young and naïve wife?”

         Joseph put his bible on the table beside me and took my hands into his. He stood up and helped me up.  He looked into my eyes and pulled me close to him. He leant down and kissed me.

“I love you Rebecca, I love you more than anything. I don’t care if this is an arranged marriage. I have loved you since the day we first met.”

“If Marcus does come back, I won’t marry him. I married you.”

         I led Joseph back to my chambers and we spent our wedding night in each other’s arms. I didn’t care what my mother had told me to do. I was married now and in love. I loved Joseph and it all happened in a matter of a few moments. I snuggled up to Joseph as we slept in each other’s arms. He laid his head on mine and rubbed my shoulders

“I love you Bex.”

“I love you Joseph.”

“Long Live Queen Rebecca!”

         Father died shortly after my wedding to Joseph and all of England waited for their queen to make a speech at his funeral. I didn’t wish to say anything but Mother came up to me before the celebration of life and said.

“You may be queen but I am still your mother and I order you to make a speech.”

‘Yes Mother.”

Someone called out to Mother and surprised me.

“Queen Mother Elizabeth the ceremony is about to begin. You as well Queen Rebecca.”

         Father’s casket was lowered into the ground. I wore a black dress and black veil over my diamond tiara. I was queen after all. I wore black gloves and black makeup. I stood up by Father’s tomb and began to make a speech. I was announced so that everyone could listen. I would have to talk loud.

“Queen Rebecca would like to make a speech!”

“Thank you, you are all here today to celebrate the life of my beautiful father. Robert was a good man and he loved his wife and he loved his country. Have a good day and farewell.”

         I stepped away from my father’s coffin and latched onto the arm of my husband. My father was dead and life was empty without him.

Two years later…

         Joseph’s dead he was buried with my father last year. I bore him no children and I regret it so much. I wish I had more time to live with him. Marcus returned and I was the happiest woman alive when I married him. I bore him a daughter three weeks ago and we named her Emerald Rose. If I had known my life was going to turn out like this then I wouldn’t have lived past two years old. My life is nothing like I planned but all in all my life is the way God planned. I miss my father, I miss Joseph and I miss life, as it was when I was a child and still living with my parents. I’m only eighteen and still have a whole life to live and I can’t imagine my life being any different.

         Marcus walks in and kisses me; I put up my journal and retrieve my little Emerald from her cradle. She looks just like my father. If she was born a boy I would’ve named her Robert but I have a daughter and I’m glad I have a daughter.

“I love you Bex.”

“I love you too Marcus.”







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