2. 2.

  “Kara?” Kyle says
  “Yea..” I say laying on the floor looking at an AP magazine
  “Do you know why your parents got divorced?” 
  “No..” I sit the magazine down and sit up what do does he know? I thought. Kyle has to know something. Right? If he didn’t then he wouldn't be asking me. 
  “Do you?” 
  “Um..” he was looking at his feet again. 
  “Kyle? Do you know?” I say. I scoot closer to him and sit on my knees. “If you do please tell me..” 
  “Your dad.. he cheated on your mom” he says, still looking at his feet.
  “With..with who?”
  “Um… do you really wanna know?” 
  “...My sister…” he says now looking at me
  “...oh...….For how long?” 
  “...A year…” 
  “Why didn’t you tell me?” 
  “Because Kara I didn’t want to upset you, and ruin your life..” 
  “Why I would’ve told you”
  “Because Kara I….I-I-” 
  “Kara! Are you home?” I hear my dad yell from the doorway
  “Yeah I am!” I yell back
  “Okay! did you get your homework done?”
No I didn’t oops eh I’ll do it later I thought “Yea I did!” 
  “Come down here” dad yells probably from the kitchen
  “Okay!” I yell back” wanna come?” I say looking at Kyle
  “Nah I’ll stay here” Kyle says
  “You sure?” 
  “Yeah.. I don’t wanna look at your dad right now”
  “Okay..” I say then open the door. I walk down stairs “Marco!” I yell
  “Polo!” dad says back. Kitchen. I walk into the kitchen
  “Yes” I say sitting in a stool by the bar. 
  “Um your friend… what’s his name?”
  “Yeah him”
  “What about him?”
  “I..um I don’t want you to hang out with him anymore” He says Why cause you cheated on mom with his sister? Or because he’s always here and you like him in that why too?

  “Wha- why?” I say 
  “Because Kara I think he’s a bad influenc-” 
  “Not he isn’t!” I yell “How do you know? You're never around!”
  “Well now I'm going to be and I see how you act around him and don't like it!” he yells back 
  “I don't care what you like because I'm not gonna live with you!” I yell running toward the stairs ”I wanna go to moms house!” I run up the stairs. I finally get to my bedroom door I open it then walk in. Once in I slam the door shut then throw myself to the ground curl up into a ball and break down. 
  “Kara..?” Kyle says” are you… okay?” he gets off my bed and sits beside me. He lifts my head off of the ground and sits it on his lap. Then he strokes my hair. ”Kara what's wrong what did he do?” 
I answer with a whimper telling him that I don't want to talk about it, he doesn't ask anymore questions.

 We sat on the floor for a while before my dad bust into my room.
  “When did he get here?” my dad yells
  “Like 2 hours ago” I whisper my head still on Kyles’’ lap 
  “You mean before I got home?”
  “Yeah” I say still whispering
  “Why don’t you just leave her alone!” Kyle yells “You ruined her life enough!”
  “Shut up” dad says. He bends down and grabs my arm pulling me away from Kyle. “I told you to stay away from him didn’t I?” he hissed
  “Yes..” I says holding back tears
  “Get out!” he yells looking at Kyle,then Kyle walks out of my room and down the stairs. I watch him walk into the laundry room then come out with his shoes, I watch him walk out the door. My dad lets go of my arm then pushes me back into my room “Stay in here” he says then slams the door shut. 

 I grab my phone the only thing he didn’t take. I turn it on then go to my contacts. I scroll down till I find my mom's number I tap on it then press call.
One...Two… please pick up.. I thought as the phone dials at three she finally picks up 
   “Hello” I hear her say
   “Mom” I say quietly
   “Kara what's wrong?”
   “C-can you come pick me up” 
   “Yes of course” she says “now what's wrong?”
   “I-it's dad..”
   “Oh.. You don't have to tell me the rest.”She says like she already knew what was going on. 
   “Okay..” I say
   “I'm on my way” she says as I hear her car start “You do know that I'm gonna have to call your dad.” 
   “O-okay just don’t tell him I called..” 
   “Okay it'll be our little secret”
   “Okay bye”
   “Bye” she says then hang up. 
   “Kara!” my dad yells
   “Y-yes” I yell back
   “Com-” interrupted by his phone 
   “Thank you mom” I whisper 

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