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 I walk outside, in the newly fallen snow. The white blanket spread as far as the eye can see, well until you get to the road, the city workers swept it off so us kids and teens can go to school. My name is Kara Eparsin I’m 15 and well I’ve had to watch both of my parents go through 2 divorces. 3 if you wanna count them divorcing each other… it sounds bad but, kinda glad they did it.. they never knew what a broken heart was till then. Anyway, right now I have to wait for the bus that probably won’t come because it's broken down in the middle of the highway. I see my breath as I exhale the breath I had taken before walking outside into the blanket of snow. It's ironic how they call it a blanket when it's so cold and blankets are made to keep you warm…


 Most people think I’m weird because I don't think like them.. but that's okay I like being different… I know it sounds like I have no friends but in reality I have lots.. just kidding.. they are all online.. all but one. My best friend, the only person who is fine with my weird thoughts and habits.


~*~*~ At School

1st Hour +

 I sit down at my desk, right by one of the basketball players, Tony Cortes. “Hi Kara!” I hear my friend say, his name is Kyle, Kyle Cowly is the best friend, the one who doesn’t mind me thinking crazy thoughts….or my weird habits..

  “Hi Kyle” I say smiling. I pull out my notebook from my backpack, I open it to the first blank sheet of paper.

  “Okay kids, today we will be taking notes” The teacher says followed by groans from most of the students   “Let me finish.. on a video.”That was followed by “yes”s.


 We watched the video for about 40 minutes then the bell rang. Making me jump which made 3 of the kids laugh and that made Kyle mad. “Shut up!” he says standing up.

  “Kyle..” I say trying to pull him out of the room

  “Kar stop. Okay. I’m trying to stan-” I cut him off

  “I got to get to class, do what you want” Well that’s new I thought as I walked out of the classroom leaving Kyle in there to fend for himself. The reason was new is because I've never ever ever said that.. I don't really care if I’m late for class. More the less if Kyle's the reason for me being late.

I watch as the three kids that laughed at me, run out of the classroom followed by Kyle, who wasn't running. No he was walking, fast, faster than I've ever seen him walk. He was mad like really mad.. He  was pissed

  “Um Kyle are you-” he cut me off

  “Okay? Do I look okay Kara? I try to stand up for you and you just walk out of the room!” Kyle says yelling

  “I’m-I’m sorry “I say shrinking

  “Yeah you better be..” he says walking away


  “What..?”He says not turning around. I could tell from the tone of his voice that he was furious. To the point that he probably wasn’t gonna talk to me for a couple days.. maybe weeks. Depending on the circumstance… and right about now it was looking like a couple months….

  “I’m sorry” I say after taking a deep breath. It was silent for a moment. then Kyle walks away. Not saying anything, He just started walking again. He wasn’t gonna talk to me. I messed that up.. probably for good.


 That night when I got done with my homework and my chores I went to my room. I lied down on the floor, well I started to then the doorbell rang. I quickly get up and run to open the door. When I get to the door I take a deep breath, mainly because I was home alone and I didn’t wanna get kidnapped or something. Finally I open it. It was Kyle.

  “Um hi…” I say

  “Hey..um..I’m sorry for yelling at you..”he says looking down at his feet, which were shuffling around in his kinda soggy converse.

  “It’s fine..you were just trying to be a good friend..”

  “Um K-Kar c-can I c-c-come i-in i-it’s c-c-cold”

  “Oh um...yea sorry” I say giggling then moving out of from in front of the door giving him permission to enter“ Wanna go up to my room?”

  “Sure” he says walking in

  “We can put your shoes in the dryer”

  “Please..” he says smiling. He takes off his shoes, Then hands them to me. I run to the laundry room open the dryer put them in then press start. I run back into the living room, were  Kyle was.

  “C’mon” I say as  he follows me up the stairs, and to my  up room.


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