The Scars Of Love

Scarlet Wilson, 20, is trying to get a new start to
Her life. College. Her sister Brooke revels a huge life changing secret. Her life flips upside down again.

Nathan Trents,22, is the star athlete of the school, everyone wants him. His past troubles hunt him everyday. But there is one person he wants. Scarlet Wilson.
Can the two of troubled past fix each other, or will the Love fail?

Copyrighted/// Kyle Chokas,2017, Lulu Publishing. Wattpad.


3. 02:Meeting Him



"Fine what do you wanna know"Brook said, I could tell she was annoyed. "What happened to Mom?"my eyes began to tear up as I said that."She abandoned us, she's still out there."Brooke pushed her hair behind her ear."Why do you always disappear for days every month?" I asked,"I go to stay with Mom! Okay!"she screamed. My heart sank. She lied to me. I put all of my stuff in a bag."Where are you going!"Brooke yelled, clearly she was drunk. "Far away from here".

"Gia can you pick me!"I asked,"Sure. But where are you going?"she asked her voice was peppy. Cheerleader. "The football game"

"I'm already going there"

I paid my ticket and got in. Standing on the stairs I looked for a seat. I turned my head and......

Holy Shit!

Little did I know this is the guy I would fall madly in love with!

His eyes were a purply blue, his body had shown many years of athletic training. I walked up to him,"Is this seat taken?"he looked up and froze. Damn, am I that hot."No it's not"he said with a warming grin. Did we feel the same way about each other,"I'm Scarlet, Scarlet Wilson"he shook my hand as I introduced myself,"Nathan Trents"

The two of us talked until the game was over. A lot of students stayed for the after party. I realized Gia ditched me. That little bitch. I leaned against the trash can and cried,"WHY, why does my life have to be so terrible!"I sobbed, that's when I heard talking as the rain poured out like my emotions. Nathan.

He noticed1 me,"Hey, are you okay?"he said

as he ran up to me,"Mm..y rrride ditched me!" I stuttered. He helped me up."Here"he gave me his sweatshirt."No i can't take this"I said pushing it back to him. He gave it back again. Reluctantly I took it,"Thank you"

I decided to stay with him for the night.

"Brooke, I'm staying with Amanda for the night"


Nathan. I met him at a football game and already liked him. Love is a funny game isn't it.......

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