The Scars Of Love

Scarlet Wilson, 20, is trying to get a new start to
Her life. College. Her sister Brooke revels a huge life changing secret. Her life flips upside down again.

Nathan Trents,22, is the star athlete of the school, everyone wants him. His past troubles hunt him everyday. But there is one person he wants. Scarlet Wilson.
Can the two of troubled past fix each other, or will the Love fail?

Copyrighted/// Kyle Chokas,2017, Lulu Publishing. Wattpad.


2. 01:Meeting Her


I sat in the college gym on the bench press, sweat dripped down my chest and forehead, I pushed up on the bar. My arms strained as I did. Most people assumed I was going to school for a athletic degree, but no. I was going for Photojournalist, I've always been fond of exploring the world. See as much as I could before 50. I wanted to document it every step of the way. Even though I looked like I could be a superstar athlete, and I've thought about it."So Nate, are you going to the game tonight?"Johnathan asked. I was on the football team, a decision I regret highly. I dropped the bar, and sat up."Why wouldn't I John?" I gave him a pissed off look,"Cause you've missed the past two games"He pulled me up."Family Reasons"I said as I slid off my tank top. Sweat beads soaked me."Dude, let's go, we start getting ready in a hour".

The two of us walked back to our dorm. I walked in and threw my shoes to the side, as I walked into my room I changed my clothes."Nate, get ready for the game"John yelled. The two of us made sandwiches and ran to the stadium."You made it just in time!"Coach Michaels yelled like usual."Nate. You miss this game !". "Okay coach...."I rolled my eyes. I took off my uniform and changed into regular clothes. I took a seat on the stands."The Lizards vs Panthers game begins in 20 minutes."a voice over said, the music continued. I set my hoodie next to my laptop. I had to be here because I was a player, mind as well get my work done. I began typing my History Report. Let's think, in 1804 the Hamilton/Burr duel occurred. I finished typing my paper by the time the third quarter began."Hey?" A girl asked, I looked up. Holy shit!

"Is this seat taken?"she asked. She had a satchel on her side, a Id badge around her neck. I don't think we've ever met. "No it's not taken"I said with a grin. She gave a slight smile."My name is Scarlet, Scarlet Wilson."she shook my hand,"Nathan Trents"

When I saw her eyes I almost fell down, she was hot. I could tell she liked me too." Aren't you a player?"she gave a questioning look,"Yeah. Coach wouldn't let me play","Oh"

She was typing too. That's the first time I've saw anyone besides us players work on homework at games."What major do you study?" I asked. If we were gonna be here a while, I should get to know her."I study Psychology, I wanna be a children/teenage therapist. Weird I know"she shook her head as she talked,"No it's not","What about you?"she smiled, when she smiled I slowly fell further in love with her."A lot of people think Athletics, but no I wanna be a Photojournalist"," Cool".

The game ended, our team won! I went down and congratulated the guys. As we walked through the parking lot I saw a familiar face leaning against a trash can, crying into her knee."I'll catch up with you guys later!"I yelled back to them, I ran over to Scarlet."Hey. Are you okay?"I asked,"No, my ride ditched me". It began pouring." Here ill help. I slid off my hoodie and gave it to her."I can't take this"she said pushing it back to me,"Here take it." She slid it on."Thank you so much."

I saw her shoes were soaked. She was carrying them as we walked."I'll carry those for you"I said. Our hands met as she gave them to me. I wanted to hold her hand. "The I probably should've wore flip flops or sandals"she said with a giggle. Her hand slowly drifted down to mine. I slowly grabbed it. Shit. I felt the warmth in my hand. It got worse so she decided to stay with John and I. "I'll just call Brooke"she said as she pulled out her phone, IPhone 6s."Hey Brooke, I'm staying with Amanda". She then text Amanda to lie to Brooke about her staying here. I fixed the couch into a bed. Then I remembered John, he would so wake her up."You can stay on my room"I said. I got sweatpants for pajamas. I felt like she was watching me change. I walked into the living room in only sweatpants. I could tell she was going crazy for me.. I laid down on the couch and she fell asleep in my bed. "Goodnight Scarlet"

"Goodnight Nathan"

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