The Scars Of Love

Scarlet Wilson, 20, is trying to get a new start to
Her life. College. Her sister Brooke revels a huge life changing secret. Her life flips upside down again.

Nathan Trents,22, is the star athlete of the school, everyone wants him. His past troubles hunt him everyday. But there is one person he wants. Scarlet Wilson.
Can the two of troubled past fix each other, or will the Love fail?

Copyrighted/// Kyle Chokas,2017, Lulu Publishing. Wattpad.


1. 00:Night To Remember

November 10, 2000

"You motherfucker!"Diane yelled at Daddy,"Diane, don't you ever hurt my daughter ever again!"He yelled. Brook and I hid in our favorite hiding space. The hidden closet. "Brooklyn, I'm scared" I whined, Brook grabbed my hand and held it tight."It's okay sissy"Brook whispered. Someone began running up the stairs. Brooke covered my mouth just in case it was Diane. The door was yanked open,"AHAHAHHH!"Brooke screamed.

   "Shhhh. It's okay girls"Daddy whispered. He held suitcases in his hands, bags on his shoulders. He set down our princess suitcases and Brook carried them. He picked me up in his free arm. Brook threw the suitcases into the car, she buckled herself into the seat. I saw my home, slowly fad away from me. Daddy buckled me into me car seat. He threw the stuff into the trunk, and ran inside to finish getting everything.......

I woke up, the bright sun shown through the car window."Dada, wehere or we?" I asked. Brook responded instead of Daddy,"We're heading far away from Diane!"she said with a huge smile. That smile was still there today. This is the one night I will always remember. The never forgotten dawn. I lost my home. And this is where my story starts.....

This is me.......Scarlet Wilson,20, studying Psychology. I wanted to help teenagers and kids with problems in life, Probably because of the problems I had growing up, anyway let's start my story and how I met Nathan Trents.

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