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5. Train


As they caught the sky-rail through town, Gorgy kicked Scott who was trying indiscreetly to write:

1-Find arch Nemesis.

Fortunately, Gorgy wasn’t interested in what he was writing, “Hey man what about Josie?”

“What about her?”

“If you go on a date with your model girl, that’s going to make Josie pretty jealous.”

Scott could see where this was going. He didn’t want a life-lesson from Gorgy, he wanted to go see Vanessa (with binoculars if necessary) and then become a superhero.

But Gorgy was persistant, “Come on, you know what I’m talking about.”

“I don’t.”

“You totally do.”

Scott rolled his eyes, turned and faced Gorgy, “Alright, yes I understand, you think that by hanging out with Vanessa I’m going to somehow make Josie jealous right?”

“She’s into you man.”

“Don’t you say that Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson are into you?

“They are, it’s just Josie is really, really into you man. Like she’ll take it pretty hard…”

“Gorgy, nothing’s happened between us okay. The rest of you are just imagining things.”

Gorgy struck a hard tone, “Yeah, nothing has happened because you haven’t done anything about it. I’m telling you man she’s good looking, not great or a movie star or anything but pretty good for what a deputy pump operator at a gas station is gonna get.”

“Hey, I’m more then just my job!” Scott felt betrayed, Gory had hit him where he was most venerable; the sense of importance.

“And I’m more then just a fat-short guy, just listen okay she’s good looking, she’s young and besides me she’s your best friend. Why do you have to mess around with a model when you’ve got this great chick waiting for you to come to her cinema and give us free popcorn.”

Scott felt his scars burning as his face flushed. He was angry and Gorgy had just thrown wood onto the bonfire by saying he was just a gas station pumper. “You know nothing.” He whispered harshly, “I have a destiny, and so what if Josie likes me. I’ve been in love with Vanessa Kerouac since I was a kid, she’s my one true love.”

“Shit man, you’re crazy.” Gorgy said loudly, “I haven’t heard you mention her name since this afternoon. In fact I’d just about say you didn’t even care about her until you found out she was a model.”

Inside of him flames were burning. When he wriggled his fingers Scott felt power surging through them. In his mind’s eye he saw flames engulfing the whole railway line or a bare shirted version of himself ripping down buildings.

The mixed visions of power and revenge made him smile, but Scott tried to resist. He knew from every comic book ever printed that if he were to destroy to fulfil his own anger he would become a villain. There is such a fine line between evil and good that sometimes all it comes down to is one’s intentions.

To Gorgy, Scott’s internal conflict looked a little like a seizure. It seemed his friend was playing an imaginary piano the way his fingers were buzzing and his eyes were closed while his face clenched and unclenched. Other people on the train were staring too so he did what a good friend would and flipped them the bird. It would have been interesting to see what the other passengers would’ve thought seeing the two; A obese dwarf flipping them off while his friend tried to prevent himself from crushing imaginary buildings.

Moments after he’d flipped the idiots who’d been staring at them Gorgy began to regret what he’d said to Scott, especially the part about being a gas station worker. He knew from many a late night conversation that Scott hoped deep down inside of him that he had something special. The sad truth is Gorgy thought as the train began to slow for their stop, is that he’s the most average guy I know. Yeah he’s kind of cute and sometimes funny. But I bet there’s millions of Scotts out there, wishing they could stand out in a crowd. Wishing they had a life others envied.

The thought-train affected him so much that Gorgy had to pull his hood over his head as he exited the train, “Stuff you man.” He whispered to himself as a few tears were hurriedly wiped away.


A/N: Hey Ya'll, hope you're enjoying this story, it'd be nice to get a few comments on it (I know from my last story that people commenting helps me to stay focused.) Anyway, I'm super excited to see what happens. 

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